Installing (and using) Backup Loader 0.3 Gamma

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    May 30, 2009
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    Hi, I'll try to make this topic as orderly as possible, for minimum hassle.

    I recently used a guide that helped me hack my Wii, patching its IOS, and installing HBC and backuop loader 0.3 gamma. It worked fine, but my Wii was bricked the next day.

    I'm getting my Wii repaired and and a precise guide on how to install backup loader 0.3 gamma without problems and maybe even make my Wii brick-proof.


    4.0 updated
    serial code is NOT LU64
    NTSC region
    completely virgin Wii (if they decide to swap the whole motherboard)

    What I need:

    I just want backup launcher 0.3 gamma installed as a channel. Is there a safe way to do this without installing the HBC or wad manager? probably not... But I would like a good guide based on my Wii's specifications. I have found many other guides, but they don't always cover 4.0 Wiis or the guides are very dated. I do not want to follow a guide that will brick my Wii because it doesn't meet my exact Wii specifications.
    I just want to be able to play burned ISOs on my Wii. I don't care about homebrew or WiiWare/VC (I'm too cautious to try and download Wii shop wads. I really don't want a brick again)

    (Also, is there a specific way of burning Wii games?)

    That's pretty much it. Thanks for any help.
    If there's a guide that meets my Wii specifications exactly, then I would be happy to get a link to it. It's just confusing with all these guides floating around the internet.