Installing and uninstalling wads

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by xboxinoz, May 30, 2008.

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    As those who install and uninstall wads know, the limitations of the Wii's memory are becoming all too apparant.

    I therefore purchased a 1GB SD card so I could move some channels that I was no longer using on to the SD card with the intention that I can then swap things backwards and forwards from the SD card to the Wii memory as I desire.

    My question is though... I recently installed 1 wad that I then decided to uninstall using the Wad uninstaller tool. The uninstall worked perfectly. But what I'm wondering is, say for sake of argument, I have Donkey Kong Country on my Wii and I decide to move it to the SD card and then just use the erase function on the Wii to get some block space back. ie, so that at a future date, if I want to, I can bring the game back on to the Wii from the SD card without having to reinstall the wad from scratch.

    What if I then lost the SD card or it became corrupt? How would I clean up the Wii given the fact that it still has the ticket data on it? Does the wad uninstaller still work if only the ticket is there and the actual channel is not? Or does the uninstaller only work if the channel is fully installed?

    Hope that makes sense? I just want to be sure of how this works before I end up with a lot of channels on my SD card and only a few of them actually installed on the Wii's memory in full.
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    Yes. If you move to SD card and it'll become corrupt WAD uninstaller WILL uninstall the ticket. Yes you can just move without reinstalling it to Wii Memory if you move it to SD card UNLESS you uninstall the ticket. If you uninstall ticked, you will have ? channel in SD card. Hope that helps. [​IMG]
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    The Wad doesn't need to be named the same way, as when you installed it, so just re-transfer them to the SD card, and uninstall, if you happen to forget what the Wad was named or whatever.
    also you can erase the "channel" and after that uninstall it with Wad Uninstaller, to remove the tickets as well.