Installing a car radio

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    Nov 29, 2002
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    I have a 1992 Honda Civic DX.

    I just bought a JVC KDG420 stereo.

    I've hooked it up and it doesn't work properly.

    In the stereo instructions, it says one cable is for "A live terminal in the fuse block connecting to the car battery (constant 12v)" and one cable is "to an accessory terminal in the fuse block". My car manual says one wire is to "ACC (main stereo power supply) and one wire is "Constant power (tuning memory)". So I assume the "Constant power" goes to the "Constant 12v" and the "ACC" goes to the "terminal in the fuse block".

    When I connect them that way, the stereo doesn't do anything.
    But if I reverse the connection, it'll light up for a second and the inside makes a noise like it's trying to read a CD. Then it'll stop and the lights go off. If I press display, the stereo lights up and shows the clock. Inserting/ejecting a CD works.
    But none of the functions work (like source, playing, etc). Remember, this is with the wires reversed of the diagrams.

    I've tried replacing the fuse in the fuse box, still does the same thing.

    The last thing I did was try this stereo in another vehicle and it worked, so it's not the stereo.

    Any ideas on what the problem could be or how I might be able to troubleshoot it better?