Installed Router, now Cant access to Facebook and MSN

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    Ok I'm hitting a wall here.

    I installed a Router (Netgear wireless-N 150 router) on my computer (windows XP SP2).

    I have a DSL Modem (GNET), wired in the router, and the router is wired to the computer. (the wireless is for my ipad and nintendo DS which works for those no problem)

    Here's the deal... I started browsing the net (Using CHROME) everything was fine... Facebook worked... and then I dunno if it has anything to do but I posted a video on my wall... and then wanted to deleted it... but upon trying to delete it... the page just loaded to inifinity... so fudge it, I refreshed the page.... and Facebook, from that point on, NEVER wanted to load back... I keep getting an error

    Erreur 101 (net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) : Erreur inconnue
    (French for Error Uknown)

    I tried then with Firefox... same problem, cant access Facebook... I tried Internet Explorer 7... and Facebook WORKS. WTF???

    So then I try to log on MSN Messenger... doesnt work. Gives the error 80048820 Pressing the troubleshoot button where MSN does all the testing see if its not for example a close ports or something... and there is CHECKS everywhere, nothing seems to be the problem.

    I read about MSN and rooters and says its probably the router's UPNP settings... I checked and they are activated and all... I dont see what the problem is.

    Anyone can help out?



    Forgot to mentionned I have a firewall... KERIOS... on my PC and somehow, I turned it off and now everything works... feeling kinda stupid... but... I checked all the settings of my firewall, and nothing blocked MSN nor Facebook... anyone has an idea??

    ***edit 2***

    MSN connects... Facebook works now that my firewall is turned off... BUT now I cant seem to write anything to anyone on MSN... all my message comes back to me when I write to someone [​IMG]