1. yotaiji012

    OP yotaiji012 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    United States
    Was at 3.3U this was updated around July.

    Then to get rid of the error 002 I installed IOS38 IOS53 IOS55.
    To be specific i installed IOS38-64-v3609.wad IOS53-64-v4113.wad IOS55-64-v4633.wad.
    Everything else is running smooth.

    Anytitle Deleter runs fine but when i try to look into system files or anything it will return with

    Error! Can't get count of titles! (ret=-1)

    then boots out. This happened after installing these IOS.

    I read that anytitle deleter runs off of the signing bug.
    Reading wiibrew It states that
    "Initially distributed with the NTSC release of Animal Crossing: City Folk, this IOS module is rumored to have functions used by the Wii Speak peripheral. IOS38 contains the fix for the signing bug. "

    Is the ISO38 preventing me from running anytitle deleter.

    And yes the database is in the root of the sd folder.

    Please HELP at wits end.
  2. User423

    User423 GBAtemp Fan

    Dec 8, 2008
    Found that Thread. I have no idea to fix it. Can somebody help?
  3. fiddlefaddle22

    fiddlefaddle22 GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 24, 2008
    I have this problem too and it seems that we have the pirate bug which is apparently caused by playing hundreds of wiiware and wii games which i have done but so far all the important things like loading and deleting wads,usb loader,gamecube loader etc are working fine.I have heard that if you can get title lister to work you haven't got the pirate bug and the only cure if you have it is to format your wii and but it's daft to risk it if all the important things are working.
  4. yotaiji012

    OP yotaiji012 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    United States
    Interesting. I technically have played over 2 hundred backups and maybe a dozen Wiiware VC games. Sounds like I have the pirate bug.
    When you mean format, you mean the format function within the wii menu...?

    also found the orginal conversation....


    thanks guys...this was the weirdest problem I have seen.
  5. fiddlefaddle22

    fiddlefaddle22 GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 24, 2008
    Good find,i can now get title lister 249 to work and i have 272 titles but i would be careful about formating the system memory if i were you as it has caused a few bricks.
  6. yotaiji012

    OP yotaiji012 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    United States
    why would a simple format cause a brick? this is a known issue?

    The only things i have done is normal update to 3.3u during july. Then installed HBC.
    Add few wiiware vc and deleted most. Installed those three IOS....doing a simple format will cause a brick?
    could you show me the link?
  7. User423

    User423 GBAtemp Fan

    Dec 8, 2008
    I don´t understand that, what I must do, to get this ´bug´? I think when uninstalling the VC-Games-Wads trought WAD-Manager, there will be no problems, or? (No, I have no non legaly VC-Games, I have only 2 Games, Zelda OoT and MM, they buyed by PointsCard, great games [​IMG] )
    I think that only happen, when you "uninstalling" them over the data management?

    /edit It can brick, if you have a lot of Apps installed, like cIOS, Preloader, Starfall, cIOSCorp...!
  8. yotaiji012

    OP yotaiji012 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    United States
    I got title_lister_37 to run showed me huge list. Where on the SD card is the list created so I can past on this forum just you guys.
    I tried to run the normal title lister and it did nothing just a bunch of number everywhere and said code dump somewhere.

    running AnyTitle_Deleter_MAX512 gives me the same error of (ret=-1)

    god this is frustrating.
  9. yotaiji012

    OP yotaiji012 Member

    Aug 18, 2007
    United States
    I dont have any custom IOS i just installed IOS38 IOS53 IOS55.
    No preloader. Just HBC.

    I tried regular any title deleter AnyTitleDeleterDB AnyTitleDeleterMOD AnyTitle_Deleter_MAX512 all the same dayyam error....he are the titles i have on my wii.
    Someone please help!

    Found 265 titles:
    Unknown title type 10005 77523945
    1: FW: IOS37
    2: Title=10004-52464e45 (game channel 'RFNE') FW: IOS33
    3: Title=10004-524d4345 (game channel 'RMCE') FW: IOS36
    4: Title=10001-57534145 (downloaded channel 'WSAE') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS55
    5: Title=10001-57545045 (downloaded channel 'WTPE') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS35
    6: Title=10001-57523945 (downloaded channel 'WR9E') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS37
    7: Title=10001-48414445 (downloaded channel 'HADE') vers: 1.1 (257) FW: IOS34
    8: Title=10001-48415045 (downloaded channel 'HAPE') vers: 0.3 (3) FW: IOS35
    9: Title=10001-48415858 (downloaded channel 'HAXX') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS36
    10: Title=10001-4a424945 (downloaded channel 'JBIE') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS21
    11: Title=10000-52534a45 (savedata for 'RSJE') FW: IOS53
    12: Title=10000-52513845 (savedata for 'RQ8E') FW: IOS53
    13: Title=10000-53584245 (savedata for 'SXBE') FW: IOS37
    14: Title=10000-52324b45 (savedata for 'R2KE') FW: IOS33
    15: Title=10000-524b4545 (savedata for 'RKEE') FW: IOS53
    16: Title=10000-524a3445 (savedata for 'RJ4E') FW: IOS33
    17: Title=10000-52523545 (savedata for 'RR5E') FW: IOS53
    18: Title=10000-524d4145 (savedata for 'RMAE') FW: IOS33
    19: Title=10000-524b3645 (savedata for 'RK6E') FW: IOS55
    20: Title=10000-524d5645 (savedata for 'RMVE') FW: IOS17
    21: Title=10000-52325745 (savedata for 'R2WE') FW: IOS55
    22: Title=10000-52454e45 (savedata for 'RENE') FW: IOS55
    23: Title=10000-525a5a45 (savedata for 'RZZE') FW: IOS53
    24: Title=10000-52525950 (savedata for 'RRYP') FW: IOS33
    25: Title=10000-00555050 (savedata for '.UPP') vers: 0.10 (10) FW: IOS4
    26: Title=10000-52594b45 (savedata for 'RYKE') FW: IOS35
    27: Title=10000-52553245 (savedata for 'RU2E') FW: IOS33
    28: Title=10000-524d3745 (savedata for 'RM7E') FW: IOS35
    29: Title=10000-52333345 (savedata for 'R33E') FW: IOS37
    30: Title=10000-52524445 (savedata for 'RRDE') FW: IOS37
    31: Title=10000-52594745 (savedata for 'RYGE') FW: IOS33
    32: Title=10000-52544e45 (savedata for 'RTNE') FW: IOS33
    33: Title=10000-524f4e45 (savedata for 'RONE') FW: IOS33
    34: Title=10000-52335445 (savedata for 'R3TE') FW: IOS21
    35: Title=10000-52474845 (savedata for 'RGHE') FW: IOS21
    36: Title=10000-52494e45 (savedata for 'RINE') FW: IOS33
    37: Title=10000-52444345 (savedata for 'RDCE') FW: IOS33
    38: Title=10000-52484f45 (savedata for 'RHOE') FW: IOS33
    39: Title=10000-52524d45 (savedata for 'RRME') FW: IOS33
    40: Title=10000-52555a45 (savedata for 'RUZE') FW: IOS33
    41: Title=10000-52535645 (savedata for 'RSVE') FW: IOS33
    42: Title=10000-52465145 (savedata for 'RFQE') FW: IOS33
    43: Title=10000-524b4645 (savedata for 'RKFE') FW: IOS33
    44: Title=10000-52445a50 (savedata for 'RDZP') FW: IOS33
    45: Title=10000-52485545 (savedata for 'RHUE') FW: IOS33
    46: Title=10000-5246374a (savedata for 'RF7J') FW: IOS33
    47: Title=10000-52565345 (savedata for 'RVSE') FW: IOS33
    48: Title=10000-52565945 (savedata for 'RVYE') FW: IOS35
    49: Title=10000-52444645 (savedata for 'RDFE') FW: IOS33
    50: Title=10000-524b5a45 (savedata for 'RKZE') FW: IOS33
    51: Title=10000-52584b45 (savedata for 'RXKE') FW: IOS33
    52: Title=10000-52513945 (savedata for 'RQ9E') FW: IOS35
    53: Title=10000-524f5445 (savedata for 'ROTE') FW: IOS33
    54: Title=10000-52473245 (savedata for 'RG2E') FW: IOS21
    55: Title=10000-52364245 (savedata for 'R6BE') FW: IOS33
    56: Title=10000-52435045 (savedata for 'RCPE') FW: IOS9
    57: Title=10000-524e3645 (savedata for 'RN6E') FW: IOS33
    58: Title=10000-52473945 (savedata for 'RG9E') FW: IOS33
    59: Title=10000-524b5945 (savedata for 'RKYE') FW: IOS33
    60: Title=10000-52574f45 (savedata for 'RWOE') FW: IOS33
    61: Title=10000-52335345 (savedata for 'R3SE') FW: IOS33
    62: Title=10000-53584145 (savedata for 'SXAE') FW: IOS37
    63: Title=10000-524c4545 (savedata for 'RLEE') FW: IOS33
    64: Title=10000-52445645 (savedata for 'RDVE') FW: IOS21
    65: Title=10000-52563245 (savedata for 'RV2E') FW: IOS33
    66: Title=10000-52435145 (savedata for 'RCQE') FW: IOS33
    67: Title=10000-52363445 (savedata for 'R64E') FW: IOS35
    68: Title=10000-524c4a45 (savedata for 'RLJE') FW: IOS35
    69: Title=10000-52504645 (savedata for 'RPFE') FW: IOS33
    70: Title=10000-52494245 (savedata for 'RIBE') FW: IOS33
    71: Title=10000-52533245 (savedata for 'RS2E') FW: IOS21
    72: Title=10000-52383445 (savedata for 'R84E') FW: IOS33
    73: Title=10000-52485345 (savedata for 'RHSE') FW: IOS9
    74: Title=10000-52544d45 (savedata for 'RTME') FW: IOS17
    75: Title=10000-52423545 (savedata for 'RB5E') FW: IOS21
    76: Title=10000-52493845 (savedata for 'RI8E') FW: IOS21
    77: Title=10000-0055504a (savedata for '.UPJ') vers: 0.10 (10) FW: IOS4
    78: Title=10000-52445a4a (savedata for 'RDZJ') FW: IOS21
    79: Title=10000-52444b45 (savedata for 'RDKE') FW: IOS21
    80: Title=10000-52443445 (savedata for 'RD4E') FW: IOS33
    81: Title=10000-52344345 (savedata for 'R4CE') FW: IOS35
    82: Title=10000-52435545 (savedata for 'RCUE') FW: IOS33
    83: Title=10000-525a4845 (savedata for 'RZHE') FW: IOS33
    84: Title=10000-52574c45 (savedata for 'RWLE') FW: IOS21
    85: Title=10000-524f3245 (savedata for 'RO2E') FW: IOS33
    86: Title=10000-52545745 (savedata for 'RTWE') FW: IOS33
    87: Title=10000-52483245 (savedata for 'RH2E') FW: IOS33
    88: Title=10000-524c5a45 (savedata for 'RLZE') FW: IOS33
    89: Title=10000-524c4245 (savedata for 'RLBE') FW: IOS33
    90: Title=10000-524e4c45 (savedata for 'RNLE') FW: IOS33
    91: Title=10000-52544245 (savedata for 'RTBE') FW: IOS33
    92: Title=10000-52464145 (savedata for 'RFAE') FW: IOS33
    93: Title=10000-52525045 (savedata for 'RRPE') FW: IOS33
    94: Title=10000-52535445 (savedata for 'RSTE') FW: IOS21
    95: Title=10000-52365645 (savedata for 'R6VE') FW: IOS21
    96: Title=10000-5237434a (savedata for 'R7CJ') FW: IOS33
    97: Title=10000-52463345 (savedata for 'RF3E') FW: IOS33
    98: Title=10000-52395445 (savedata for 'R9TE') FW: IOS35
    99: Title=10000-524d4245 (savedata for 'RMBE') FW: IOS33
    100: Title=10000-52554245 (savedata for 'RUBE') FW: IOS21
    101: Title=10000-524c4845 (savedata for 'RLHE') FW: IOS33
    102: Title=10000-52464c45 (savedata for 'RFLE') FW: IOS35
    103: Title=10000-52544a45 (savedata for 'RTJE') FW: IOS21
    104: Title=10000-52445345 (savedata for 'RDSE') FW: IOS21
    105: Title=10000-52445145 (savedata for 'RDQE') FW: IOS21
    106: Title=10000-524b4245 (savedata for 'RKBE') FW: IOS21
    107: Title=10000-52465445 (savedata for 'RFTE') FW: IOS21
    108: Title=10000-524c5345 (savedata for 'RLSE') FW: IOS21
    109: Title=10000-52425045 (savedata for 'RBPE') FW: IOS9
    110: Title=10000-52425050 (savedata for 'RBPP') FW: IOS9
    111: Title=10000-524d3245 (savedata for 'RM2E') FW: IOS21
    112: Title=10000-524d4645 (savedata for 'RMFE') FW: IOS21
    113: Title=10000-52504750 (savedata for 'RPGP') FW: IOS9
    114: Title=10000-52545150 (savedata for 'RTQP') FW: IOS21
    115: Title=10000-52425945 (savedata for 'RBYE') FW: IOS9
    116: Title=10000-52534245 (savedata for 'RSBE') FW: IOS36
    117: Title=10000-524d4f45 (savedata for 'RMOE') FW: IOS21
    118: Title=10000-52344250 (savedata for 'R4BP') FW: IOS21
    119: Title=10000-52505945 (savedata for 'RPYE') FW: IOS9
    120: Title=10000-52574155 (savedata for 'RWAU') FW: IOS33
    121: Title=10000-52574745 (savedata for 'RWGE') FW: IOS36
    122: Title=10000-524c3845 (savedata for 'RL8E') FW: IOS33
    123: Title=10000-52574945 (savedata for 'RWIE') FW: IOS9
    124: Title=10000-52534d45 (savedata for 'RSME') FW: IOS9
    125: Title=10000-52535045 (savedata for 'RSPE') FW: IOS21
    126: Title=10000-52434745 (savedata for 'RCGE') FW: IOS21
    127: Title=10000-524e4345 (savedata for 'RNCE') FW: IOS33
    128: Title=10000-52474245 (savedata for 'RGBE') FW: IOS21
    129: Title=10000-52535550 (savedata for 'RSUP') FW: IOS21
    130: Title=10000-52554d50 (savedata for 'RUMP') FW: IOS33
    131: Title=10000-524d3545 (savedata for 'RM5E') FW: IOS33
    132: Title=10000-52565645 (savedata for 'RVVE') FW: IOS35
    133: Title=10000-524f4645 (savedata for 'ROFE') FW: IOS21
    134: Title=10000-524f5845 (savedata for 'ROXE') FW: IOS33
    135: Title=10000-52334445 (savedata for 'R3DE') FW: IOS21
    136: Title=10000-52463850 (savedata for 'RF8P') FW: IOS21
    137: Title=10000-524b5845 (savedata for 'RKXE') FW: IOS37
    138: Title=10000-524d3645 (savedata for 'RM6E') FW: IOS21
    139: Title=10000-52474345 (savedata for 'RGCE') FW: IOS21
    140: Title=10000-52335450 (savedata for 'R3TP') FW: IOS21
    141: Title=10000-52494845 (savedata for 'RIHE') FW: IOS33
    142: Title=10000-52484945 (savedata for 'RHIE') FW: IOS21
    143: Title=10000-52475650 (savedata for 'RGVP') FW: IOS35
    144: Title=10000-52544445 (savedata for 'RTDE') FW: IOS21
    145: Title=10000-52503945 (savedata for 'RP9E') FW: IOS33
    146: Title=10000-524b3845 (savedata for 'RK8E') FW: IOS33
    147: Title=10000-52424f45 (savedata for 'RBOE') FW: IOS22
    148: Title=10000-52424d45 (savedata for 'RBME') FW: IOS17
    149: Title=10000-52504c45 (savedata for 'RPLE') FW: IOS9
    150: Title=10000-52503245 (savedata for 'RP2E') FW: IOS21
    151: Title=10000-52505845 (savedata for 'RPXE') FW: IOS21
    152: Title=10000-52435445 (savedata for 'RCTE') FW: IOS17
    153: Title=10000-52535145 (savedata for 'RSQE') FW: IOS35
    154: Title=10000-52543945 (savedata for 'RT9E') FW: IOS21
    155: Title=10000-52374545 (savedata for 'R7EE') FW: IOS21
    156: Title=10000-524e5345 (savedata for 'RNSE') FW: IOS9
    157: Title=10000-524e4645 (savedata for 'RNFE') FW: IOS21
    158: Title=10000-52535845 (savedata for 'RSXE') FW: IOS17
    159: Title=10000-52505145 (savedata for 'RPQE') FW: IOS21
    160: Title=10000-52454745 (savedata for 'REGE') FW: IOS21
    161: Title=10000-52535245 (savedata for 'RSRE') FW: IOS9
    162: Title=10000-52464f45 (savedata for 'RFOE') FW: IOS21
    163: Title=10000-52544b45 (savedata for 'RTKE') FW: IOS21
    164: Title=10000-52424245 (savedata for 'RBBE') FW: IOS21
    165: Title=10000-524f4345 (savedata for 'ROCE') FW: IOS33
    166: Title=10000-524b5045 (savedata for 'RKPE') FW: IOS33
    167: Title=10000-52574345 (savedata for 'RWCE') FW: IOS21
    168: Title=10000-524c4745 (savedata for 'RLGE') FW: IOS21
    169: Title=10000-524e5045 (savedata for 'RNPE') FW: IOS21
    170: Title=10000-52534e45 (savedata for 'RSNE') FW: IOS21
    171: Title=10000-524e3245 (savedata for 'RN2E') FW: IOS21
    172: Title=10000-48415a41 (savedata for 'HAZA') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS31
    173: Title=10000-52545a45 (savedata for 'RTZE') FW: IOS21
    174: Title=10000-52515745 (savedata for 'RQWE') FW: IOS21
    175: Title=10000-52533945 (savedata for 'RS9E') FW: IOS21
    176: Title=10000-52423845 (savedata for 'RB8E') FW: IOS33
    177: Title=10000-52475845 (savedata for 'RGXE') FW: IOS21
    178: Title=10000-52454c45 (savedata for 'RELE') FW: IOS12
    179: Title=10000-52495245 (savedata for 'RIRE') FW: IOS33
    180: Title=10000-52533345 (savedata for 'RS3E') FW: IOS17
    181: Title=10000-52325045 (savedata for 'R2PE') FW: IOS21
    182: Title=10000-524e4145 (savedata for 'RNAE') FW: IOS33
    183: Title=10000-52374645 (savedata for 'R7FE') FW: IOS21
    184: Title=10000-52425445 (savedata for 'RBTE') FW: IOS21
    185: Title=10000-524b4b45 (savedata for 'RKKE') FW: IOS21
    186: Title=10000-52504f45 (savedata for 'RPOE') FW: IOS21
    187: Title=10000-52543845 (savedata for 'RT8E') FW: IOS21
    188: Title=10000-52444845 (savedata for 'RDHE') FW: IOS21
    189: Title=10000-52434345 (savedata for 'RCCE') FW: IOS17
    190: Title=10000-52445845 (savedata for 'RDXE') FW: IOS21
    191: Title=10000-52574545 (savedata for 'RWEE') FW: IOS21
    192: Title=10000-524f4245 (savedata for 'ROBE') FW: IOS21
    193: Title=10000-52574245 (savedata for 'RWBE') FW: IOS33
    194: Title=10000-52474c45 (savedata for 'RGLE') FW: IOS21
    195: Title=10000-52515045 (savedata for 'RQPE') FW: IOS21
    196: Title=10000-52464245 (savedata for 'RFBE') FW: IOS21
    197: Title=10000-52335045 (savedata for 'R3PE') FW: IOS33
    198: Title=10000-52425745 (savedata for 'RBWE') FW: IOS21
    199: Title=10000-52424b45 (savedata for 'RBKE') FW: IOS35
    200: Title=10000-52575a45 (savedata for 'RWZE') FW: IOS33
    201: Title=10000-52484345 (savedata for 'RHCE') FW: IOS21
    202: Title=10000-524c5245 (savedata for 'RLRE') FW: IOS21
    203: Title=10000-52485445 (savedata for 'RHTE') FW: IOS21
    204: Title=10000-52544345 (savedata for 'RTCE') FW: IOS9
    205: Title=10000-52543545 (savedata for 'RT5E') FW: IOS21
    206: Title=10000-52435645 (savedata for 'RCVE') FW: IOS9
    207: Title=10000-52484445 (savedata for 'RHDE') FW: IOS21
    208: Title=10000-52595745 (savedata for 'RYWE') FW: IOS21
    209: Title=10000-525a5045 (savedata for 'RZPE') FW: IOS21
    210: Title=10000-52535545 (savedata for 'RSUE') FW: IOS21
    211: Title=10000-52453345 (savedata for 'RE3E') FW: IOS21
    212: Title=10000-52474445 (savedata for 'RGDE') FW: IOS21
    213: Title=10000-52533445 (savedata for 'RS4E') FW: IOS21
    214: Title=10000-524e4845 (savedata for 'RNHE') FW: IOS21
    215: Title=10000-524f5745 (savedata for 'ROWE') FW: IOS21
    216: Title=10000-524e5a45 (savedata for 'RNZE') FW: IOS21
    217: Title=10000-52455845 (savedata for 'REXE') FW: IOS9
    218: Title=10000-524d4c45 (savedata for 'RMLE') FW: IOS9
    219: Title=10000-52385045 (savedata for 'R8PE') FW: IOS17
    220: Title=10000-52484145 (savedata for 'RHAE') FW: IOS9
    221: Title=10000-52345145 (savedata for 'R4QE') FW: IOS21
    222: Title=10000-524f4445 (savedata for 'RODE') FW: IOS9
    223: Title=10000-524d3345 (savedata for 'RM3E') FW: IOS28
    224: Title=10000-524d3845 (savedata for 'RM8E') FW: IOS9
    225: Title=10000-524e4d50 (savedata for 'RNMP') FW: IOS21
    226: Title=10000-525a4445 (savedata for 'RZDE') FW: IOS9
    227: Title=10000-524d4745 (savedata for 'RMGE') FW: IOS33
    228: Title=10000-00555045 (savedata for '.UPE') vers: 0.6 (6) FW: IOS4
    229: Title=10000-52423745 (savedata for 'RB7E') FW: IOS21
    230: Title=10000-00555044 (savedata for '.UPD') vers: 0.4 (4) FW: IOS4
    231: Title=10008-48414c45 (hidden? channel 'HALE') vers: 0.2 (2) FW: IOS31
    232: Title=10008-48414b45 (hidden? channel 'HAKE') vers: 0.2 (2) FW: IOS31
    233: Title=10002-48414641 (system channel 'HAFA') vers: 0.3 (3) FW: IOS13
    234: Title=10002-48414241 (system channel 'HABA') vers: 0.7 (7) FW: IOS31
    235: Title=10002-48414745 (system channel 'HAGE') vers: 0.7 (7) FW: IOS31
    236: Title=10002-48414741 (system channel 'HAGA') vers: 0.3 (3) FW: IOS13
    237: Title=10002-48414645 (system channel 'HAFE') vers: 0.7 (7) FW: IOS31
    238: Title=10002-48415941 (system channel 'HAYA') vers: 0.1 (1) FW: IOS31
    239: Title=10002-48414141 (system channel 'HAAA') vers: 255.0 (65280) FW: IOS13
    240: Title=10002-48414341 (system channel 'HACA') vers: 0.5 (5) FW: IOS31
    241: Title=1-26 (IOS38) vers: 14.25 (3609)
    242: Title=1-35 (IOS53) vers: 16.17 (4113)
    243: Title=1-37 (IOS55) vers: 18.25 (4633)
    244: Title=1-25 (IOS37) vers: 8.22 (2070)
    245: Title=1-24 (IOS36) vers: 4.18 (1042)
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    262: Title=1-100 (BC) vers: 0.4 (4)
    263: Title=1-2 (System Menu) vers: 1.97 (353) FW: IOS30
    264: Title=1-9 (IOS9) vers: 2.4 (516)
    265: Title=1-4 (IOS4) vers: 0.3 (3)
  10. Screemer

    Screemer GBAtemp Maniac

    Sep 21, 2008
    Gambia, The
    please don't copy and past it here. use paste.org and post the link.
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