Input lag: is it normal on PS1/PS2 games with PS3 CFW

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    May 21, 2014
    Hi. Using my slim PS3 with the latest Rebug REX CFW.
    When I run PS2/PS1 games through backup managers (Webman, Irisman...), there is a very noticeable input lag between commands on the controller and on the game, maybe 0.2 seconds or more, but it is very noticeable for me as a gamer.

    PS3 and PSP games don't suffer from that issue, so I think this lag might be related to the PS1/PS2 emulators.

    Did someone experience that issue? any idea? Thanks.

    Edit : Found it was actually my TV's fault. It's crazy how this 1000$ 4K TV adds almost 0.2 second latency because of HDR. I disabled every image enhancement filters and enabled "Game Mode", and then my controller input is working well!
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