Innocence v0.01

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    Innocence v0.01
    Initial Release
    Innocence is a DS homebrew where you are Hatsune Miku playing an instrument.
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    Hmmm, seems like a Wii Music type of thing where you cant control the notes that it plays, but just the pace. I don't know how this song is supposed to go though :x
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    Hey, just a note to anyone using a machine translator. Google translate for Japanese is pure hell. When I have to I use Excite's translator at

    In fact there is a Firefox plugin called East Asian Translator that uses it seamlessly for websites.

    Here's a comparison.

    Original Japanese:

    I make fun, but it was beaming technology.
    Create an instrument that is so difficult, now, I created a program to manipulate the micrite that play a musical instrument.
    What's wrong?

    Because Engineering Department had seemed to be happy with a smile, it made it.
    Making those musical instruments made the program that operated Mic that played those musical instruments for the time being because it seemed to be difficult.
    Does it make a mistake in anything?

    As you can see it still only half ass makes sense. But it makes more sense than google's ass.
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    Ethan, thanks man for addon. It's kickass... google's ass
    I will try this homebrew. Whatever it is