Injustice: Gods Among Us Release Date and Special Editions announced

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    Ever want to see the Dark Knight break some of his own rules and beat the Joker literally to death? Well, it looks like you'll be able to soon, and in style, as the upcoming fighter Injustice: Gods Among Us has finally gotten a release date and some special editions.

    On April 16th (for North America) and April 19th (for Europe), you'll be able to pick up the DC mashup fighter for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, or Wii U.

    Additionally, there's two special editions available. The first is a Collector's Edition, which includes the game, a prequel comic book, steelbook case, 3 DLC skins, and a 23cm figurine of Batman and Wonder Woman duking it out. This will retail for $99.99 or €99.99 or £79.99. There's also a Battle Edition, which includes the game, the same 3 DLC skins as the Collector's Edition, and an Injustice fight stick. This will retail for $149.99. You can find images of these at the source.

    Injustice is developed by NetherRealm Studios, who made the most recent Mortal Kombat game which got met with high critical praise. They also made (or put together) the Mortal Kombat Kollection for the PC, Playstation 3, and Xbox 360, as well as the Arkham City spin-off Arkham City Lockdown for iOS. The game features a darker, alternate universe take on DC franchises, where good and evil aren't so clear cut.

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    Separate from the news, just my opinion here: Really looking forward to it. Mortal Kombat was a surprisingly great game and really made me rethink the entire franchise. While DC isn't my favorite set of properties, it's still got a ton of recognizable, iconic characters and having an original story based on them is really interesting.
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    Thanks for the news! The different editions are attractive to see, though what catches my interest the most is the Battle Edition. Arcade Sticks avg. out at about $150, and this one is essentially a special edition + an arcadestick. It is worth $50 but the picture makes it appear as if the buttons light-up? The only other time I saw a bundle w/ an Arcade Stick was with the Tekken 6 Bundle but even that wasn't of good quality. This may appeal to those who don't own one and want to take their fighting experience a step further however it may not be as easy to mod or customize unlike the Mad Catz TEs or Eight Arcs/Qanbas.