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    Jan 30, 2008
    Oh ok thank you very much [​IMG]

    Can you please help me?

    So my idea of injecting now is that you download ANY rom and you inject it into a .wad so that you basically your turning a rom into a wad?



    I got a NTSC-U Wii

    1. I download my ROM and my .wad ( e.x. Super Smash Bros.rom and Sin.wad PAL )
    2. Download Injector
    3. Inject ROM into .wad ( e.x. Super Smash Bros.rom gets injected in the Sin.wad so the Sin.wad is basically Smash Bros. just with a different name? When I inject the rom in the PAL .wad does the game become PAL?)
    4. I use Freethewads and turn the PAL.wad region free so i can use it on my USA wii
    5. Download WAD Installer and Install it
    6. put the Smash Bros injected.wad into 'wad' folder
    7. Then i install the wads?

    Does it work like this?

    If not can you please explain because i can only find a few NTSC-U wads and TONS more PAL

    Also can injecting and installing VC games ban you from Nintendo Wi-Fi? has anyone been banned yet? How can they ban you?

    Thanks [​IMG]
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