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    Hey guys. Well I was one of many people that got hit in the infamous banwave a couple of months ago. But since then a new flash has come out that seems to be safe on live atm (i think). Anywho there are a few things still stopping me from getting a new 360 though. Well first of i've heard that once you've gotten banned your hdd will not work on other 360s (well the saves to be exact) untill you reformatt or whatever. And knowing this i'm really wondering what will happen to all the rock band songs i've bought for real. Is it connected to my live account or to my hdd? And on top of that i've also downloaded a bunch of games like castle crashers, uno, psychonauts etc. Will i still get'em on my new 360 aswell??

    Ps. Oh and just to doublecheck, i've really not been in to the 360 scene in a while and just to be sure, there is a new flash that works online yeah? xD

    Any help is really apreciated! Thanks a bunch!
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    DLC and XBLA games are tied to the account they were downloaded on and the console. If you format the drive, once you're on the new 360 you can just recover your profile and then download everything again. You'll also need to do the license transfer or the content won't work if you're offline.

    Also in case you don't know, if you don't want to lose your saves they can be transferred to the pc and edited so that they'll show up fine on the new console (You'll have to search as I don't have a tutorial to hand).

    Ixtreme LT is the new firmware and it works online for now.