[INFO] New Super Mario Bros. 3.0a - Demo #2 released!!

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    May 14, 2010
    Hello folks!
    As you know, I revived my hack from the depths of Nexus and started to build in the new features!

    The downloadlink below has the FINAL VERSION (3.0a) of NSMB3!
    These changes were made on 3.0:

    completly new custom musics were added
    all bossfighths got changed (harder, but much cooler)
    added/replaced 25 bonusrooms
    fixed over 150 bonusrooms
    the difficulty in every course was lowered
    some STAR COINS re-placed
    added alot of hints to find some STAR COINS
    course 3-C completly removed and replaced through another course
    course 5-B completly removed and replaced through another course
    changed backgrounds of some courses
    Rewards Section expanded!
    and much more to count... :)

    On TOP OF THAT, I've added the REWARDS into the game!
    Remember the Password Section of NSMB3!!

    The Reward is a COMPLETE new Hack!

    Title: New Super Mario Bros. Origins
    It's a remake of Super Mario Bros. 1 and Super Mario Bros. 1 - The Lost Levels!

    This demo has a total of 4 COMPLETLY finished worlds!
    However, the latest build can be found HERE!

    Please visit the thread in the sticky to get the downloadlink!!
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