[Info] About how many people are banned! + another poll to dust

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  1. Banned o3ds/N3ds with CFW

  2. Banned o3ds/N3ds without CFW*

  3. Not Banned yet o3ds/N3ds without and with CFW

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  1. LinkBlaBla

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    Jun 7, 2013
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    With all going on and with so many useless polls and thread recently, i decided to create a thread and a polls to separate the people who have been banned from the recent wave ( yeah i know another freaking polls ) but please give it a chance ...I took time so it is not another one of those useless shitty thread!

    First i have put three option for the poll simple one but effective to see how many of you where banned !

    Oh and here some requirement and info about this thread please respect them!

    1- Vote if you where banned from the recent ban waves .

    2- Choose carefully and be sure you are banned from this wave .

    3- In the comment section please tell us what is your 3ds currently setup hack and CFW installed for your 3ds "only after you voted " .

    4- *In the poll i have put option for non hacked console banned , to vote you need to be sure you are not hacked also you should post a picture of your 3ds Setting menu just for the sake of trueness , oh and check if the console was hacked before or was transferred from a hacked one and put in on your post .

    5- On your comment please tell us what you did use on your 3ds before the ban and please try to put it within your first comment section so we can keep thread clean as possible .

    6- Maybe we will finally find a culprit for the ban but for now we will separate each Banned people respectively i hope so!! We really need to be sure so please try to give all the info you can .

    7- Don't ask how to unbann here or ask for help this is not the thread for that .

    8- I know there is a lot non banned user but please try to stay on topic .

    9- Please tell us if you did install Custom Vc and check in the Vc setting if share gameplay is ON tell it on your post .

    10- Finally please understand that it is a thread to know how many are banned from THIS wave and NOT to know what is the cause .

    * this vote is for people that are with and without a cfw that are not banned yet

    I really want to help the community and i think this post will be useful to it , even if i ask for info it is to help in some sort to know what people did to be banned and remove some theory and speculation that as been around for a while if it need less or more info and if my spelling isn't correct please do PM me so i can correct it .

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  2. Evernew

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    Nov 18, 2016
    11.4 Luma last version + bs9
    I did custom cv
    I don't share gameplay (OFF)
    11.4 Luma last version + bs9
    I did custom cv
    I share gameplay (ON)
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