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Aug 25, 2007
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It is 1:45 AM right now, and I'm very tired. If my typing is incoherent you all know why. I played a lot of games today, and will probably play more tomorrow. I'm pretty excited about "Cupajoe38's Giveaway!" but none of you are entering! The only person who entered was BoneMonkey, and he did an amazing job with his banner. If you want to win a free copy of F.E.A.R. for the Xbox 360, just submit your entrance to the Cupajoe38's Giveaway! post.


BoneMonkey's contest entry

In other news, I played Exit DS. This game is a terrible port. The other iterations of the game might not have been so bad, but this is pretty awful. Whenever you go to jump up on a ledge you grab onto this invisible chunk of space and pull yourself up by it. Were the developers that lazy that they couldn't fix something like that? It's not like it happens every once in awhile, but it happens every time. The mediocre graphics fit in with the mediocre music and sound effects. The controls are completely unresponsive, and I can't complete normal tasks that I was able to in the Xbox live arcade and PSP versions. And I even switched it to D-pad controls. No matter the setting, this game plays terribly. Don't buy this game. Don't download it. Avoid it until all the issues are ironed out for the english release, if they even fix them.


Not a pretty sight

Other than wasting my time with that game I played a few hours of Blue Dragon and Call of Duty 4. I will spare the Blue Dragon details because my last few posts were about it, but I had a lot of fun with Call of Duty. I went on and played with my frend Kane and we were messing around and setting our sensitivity settings to ten so we could spin really fast to make it look like we were break dancing. After the fun wore off of that, I actually came to like the 10 (highest) sensitivity, and became used to it. Now I'm actually pretty good with it, and it has made sniping much easier for me. It's fun to mess around with those settings for awhile, because you never know when you might like them.


Well that's it for tonight. Please enter in the contest to win F.E.A.R. I want to give BoneMonkey some competition. If you enter the contest I will personally high five you. Seriously.


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