Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard - Remastered Version

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    Inazuma eleven is a fairly popular football (soccer) themed anime/manga/game franchise that after languishing in Japan for a few years saw Nintendo take it up and in Europe they published a localised version of it (actually it was more like a remake using a later engine but the idea remains). Naturally for a game like this some of the changes made for the localisation (names of characters, moves and such) did not sit well and not content with a simple undub (not that this game can be undubbed as simply as most) a group was formed to tweak the localisations to be more in line with other versions.
    Now about this time last year we saw the release of a patch for the first game and now we see a patch of the Blizzard version of the second game (much like many pseudo RPG titles from the nintendo stable they come in two or more flavours) that aims to make the names, moves, locations and sounds more in line with the Japanese original among other things (see the thread for a complete changelog). In addition to the delocalisation it also adds some of the professor layton bonus characters and makes them playable.

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