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    Dec 29, 2016
    Hey guys,

    I am currently hacking my new 3DS (11.1) with the DSIware method using this guide -

    Right now we are doing system transfer from O3DS (CFW) to N3DS and the guide says do not delete the source's system SD card but the transfer says all data on the system will be deleted, does this mean the SD card source will be deleted as well?

    What does the stuff about the NNID mean? I dont understand Section VI - Restoring the source 3DS, can someone please explain it :(

    Sorry I am super new and noob to this! Thank you!!!
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    You should just let it delete because I didn't and it messed me up. The nnid on the source would have been moved to the target so you would have to transfer from target to source back if you want your nnid back on the source.
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    After the transfer you'll move the SD card from the source to the target (or simply copy over all the files) and everything will be on the target 3DS. System transfer does not touch the source SD card unless you tell it to transfer over wifi.