Question In regards to NAND restore, AutoRCM, safely connecting to eShop

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    Oct 13, 2018
    Hey guys. I got into hacking my switch and followed the guides available but I want to re-confirm some things to make sure they won't come back to bite me later on, and I have some questions so I can be sure i 100% understood various things. Also some questions here I haven't found answered in guides or discussions.

    Please help me out with the following.

    1. Although ReiNX's guide said that you backup your NAND after booting into CFW, I read somewhere else that booting into CFW and backing up nand won't result in a clean copy of said NAND, and that it'll be risky to go online after restoring it. I therefore used the hekate bootloader and backed up nand (without booting CFW) with a 64GB card through that, and although it took almost two hours, i got a 29.1GB rawnand.bin after merging(I also dumped boot 0/1). The question here is, did i backup a clean copy of the nand properly? I'm sure that since it's 29.1GB it's not corrupted, but is it clean?

    2. I'm on 4.1.0 and needed ExFAT support, so I used ChoiDujourNX. In Rajkosto's guide, at the very bottom it says that as long as the firmware with exfat has the same number of burnt fuses, I can even disable AutoRCM. This is more of a safety measure, as I won't voluntarily disable it, but how can I make sure that the firmware has the same number of burnt fuses? I already applied 4.1.0ExFAT and am currently on AutoRCM, and don't want to disable it as that would render my clean NAND backup useless in case it had a different number of burnt fuses( right? ). Supposing I somehow, accidentally disable autoRCM at any point, it doesn't have to be on this FW, this will render my NAND backup useless unless i was on the firmware I made it. If I then make a NAND backup on 4.1.0ExFAT, it won't be clean anymore, will it?

    3. As Warframe Switch comes out fairly soon(20th of november), they will allow account progress transfer from PC. If that will involve installing the game on switch, how would I go about doing that so I can install the game, log into it once to copy over my character progress then completely disappear off the radar? I want to have it transfered so that if we ever get the means of going online safely on CFW, I won't have to start over, but I don't want my switch banned.

    The only way I see this working is by restoring to my clean nand, updating normally through ninty, getting warframe and then going into CFW from that firmware, but i'd have burnt my fuses. Another way i'm thinking is by ChoiDujour, but disabling autoRCM and at the end of installing I power off instead of rebooting, boot into RCM manually and use Hekate bootloader and boot into OFW, which should keep the firmware clean, not burn fuses and I can even downgrade back.

    Thanks in advance!
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    If you backed up BEFORE running CFW then yes your NAND should be absolutely clean

    You do know you don't have to get Warframe RIGHT NOW right? You the option to migrate accounts will always be there, it can be done at any time. As for going online safely on CFW forget it, it's not going to happen, not with the security measures that Nintendo has implemented on the switch. If you want online you don't use CFW, simple as that
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    1. If it was made in Hekate, then it is considered clean because Hekate is loaded before the NAND (more specifically in RCM)
    2. I think you've confused yourself here. If you applied exFAT to your current firmware, your firmware hasn't changed meaning you can't burn any additional fuses. You will only burn fuses if you boot up the console into non-RCM OFW while running a higher firmware than your current fuse count.
    3. If you want to be as safe as possible, then you must install it in OFW not CFW since going online with CFW will and always has present a ban risk.
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    Oct 13, 2018
    Thanks for the quick answers and sorry for my delayed response.

    That's exactly why I'm kind of rushed. I heard from DE that account transfer will be up for a few weeks, just like it was when PS4/XBOne versions came out. If it was a thing they left hanging forever so you can transfer your accounts, I wouldn't be rushing about this.

    I've heard of people going online few times without getting caught, and I think the method I put above should be the safest(clean nand, no MicroSD inserted, the only thing that might raise a signal is me updating through ChoiDujour, if they have a way to find out about that, such as by getting burnt fuses count in their telemetry, but i'm no expert)

    1. I'm really glad to hear that. Yes, I booted into hekate bootloader and backed up my nand through that. Took two freakin' hours, idk if it was because my microsd was FAT32 or what because it was at least U3 class of speed, haha.

    2. Ah, yes, I misread his tutorial, you're right. I assumed 4.1.0 and 4.1.0 ExFAT has a different number of burnt fuses. I'm really glad to hear that's wrong.

    3. Yes, I will install it through OFW. I explained my method on point 3. The only way they might know is if they find out i installed the latest OFW through ChoiDujour, or if they can detect I skipped nintendo's bootloader by using Hekate to boot into OFW after said update(or, by extension finding out my burnt fuse count doesn't match my current FW since i skipped ninty's bootloader), but as I said above, i'm no expert.

    I know i can't be 100% safe, and might fuck myself over by doing this, but if there's one particular game I want to play online on switch, it's Warframe. I'm really hoping I can get away hands clean from doing this though. xD
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