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    Sep 4, 2007
    I want to import a US NTSC copy of Metroid Prime 3 and play it on my PAL system (I live in Australia).

    I will be getting a Cyclowiz chip for my Wii to enable it to play games from other regions (supposedly), how ever I have read that the forced hardware update when booting MP3 may cause the game not to work? I also read that to fix the issue, you need to burn 2 discs of the game? I'm not burning anything, I'm importing an authentic NTSC copy: Will I still need to somehow burn this copy? I also read about a program called WiiBrickBlocker or something? =/

    This is all really confusing and researching it has pissed me off because now I'm afraid of my Wii bricking or something else like that.

    Also, I read that people who even managed to successfully get the game up and running experienced problems later on with the game, such as glitchy graphics and their beam not working after acquiring the PED suit.
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    Without burning a copy with the brickblocker removing the update from the disk you'll end up getting multiple News and Weather channels that may or may not ever go away, even after a system format. The only way to play the game and not have this happen is to do an update spoof (where you turn off the Wii mid-update) and then play the game in the future with a patched iso made with brickblocker. You obviously cannot do this with only one authentic copy of the game. You cannot play from an authentic disk without causing the multiple channel bug.

    It WILL NOT totally brick your Wii, but you will end up with multiple weather and news channels. It's possible that when firmware 3.x comes out for PAL or when MP3 is actually released in PAL that the update will correct the multiple channels, but it's possible that it won't. It's a risk you take with this game right now. You can decide if having it two months early is worth it.

    I haven't heard of any of these other glitches. They seem totally unrelated to the region/update/patching however.
  3. domislong

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    Jun 21, 2007
    Glitches are from playing in 50Hz.