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    Dec 30, 2015
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    Although the instruction described the steps in detail, I wasn't able to finish it at first try, most likely because I was confused about a few crucial steps. I'll summarize what I found to help those who got stuck.

    For my case, I have a 3DS with Gateway (a few .3ds games in progress) and 2DS with CFW (same games in .cia format but no save files). I wanted to transfer the save files from 3DS/Gateway to 2DS/CFW. If you have only 1 console with both Gateway and CFW, the procedues are basically same.

    JKSM is what exports and imports the save file. That's all you need, although CTRXplorer might come in handy if you have a lot of games to transfer.

    One thing to note is that JKSM understands only "0004000002C23200.sav" in the root of the SD card (i.e. the one that goes into the console, not the one in Gateway). Here is an example, using the aforementioned consoles (i.e. from 3DS/Gateway to 2DS/CFW).

    1) The root of 3DS's SD card contains my save file "0004000000030800.sav" (Mario Kart 7). Make a copy of it and rename it to "0004000002C23200.sav" in the same root directory of the SD card.

    2) My 3DS didn't have a way to install .cia files, so I had to put "BigBlueMenu.3ds" in the Gateway's SD card, put "JKSM.cia" in the console SD card, power up to Gateway, press SELECT to bring up Gateway menu, select "BigBlueMenu", and install "JKSM.cia".

    3) Once JKSM is installed, press SELECT to bring up Gateway menu, select the game you want to export the save file, but don't run the game. In short, just simulate you put the real game cartridge to the console, so that it shows up in the home screen.

    4) Open JKSM -> Titles -> Select the game (there should be only 1) -> Save Data -> New.
    Note that despite the name "Save Data", it's actually "save" or "restore". Also, selecting "New" will automatically create a folder with the current time and put the files in there. If you have other data (perhaps downloaded content), do the same for "Extra Data"

    5) Take the SD card from 3DS and put it in your computer. Copy "0004000002C23200.sav" in the root directory of the SD card and "\JKSV\Saves\MARIO KART 7\YYYY MM DD_HH MM SS" to the 2DS's SD card. If the new console doesn't have JKSM, install it before copying the files.

    6) Power up 2DS -> Open JKSM -> Titles -> Select the game -> Save Data -> Restore.

    If you have more than 1 game, repeat the process; use CTRXplorer if you don't want to take out the SD card to copy your next game's save file to "0004000002C23200.sav". If "0004000002C23200.sav" missing or mismatched, you'd get "The archive cannot be opened" when you try to save/restore in JKSM.
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    @solamour, The Real Jdbye posted an app that makes the renaming and everything automatic, on the page before.
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    I reset my console and therefore lost my emunand, is there not a way to do this without mounting the game in Gateway? I've still got all the save files from the SD card, just I don't think I can set up the emunand again.
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    I said to myself "let just wait for some months...years and someone will figure it out to do this on windows"
    With Citra's improvement and time, it's unbelievable, that even 5 years after, everyone have to do this !

    I still have :
    - my GW
    - but nos the .3ds
    - my hundred .sav files

    I believe I can't use gW because 11.13 FW

    It should be simple to decrypt in one drag and drop these .sav to the actual folders tree format.
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