IMDb user whom makes disturbing comments

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Saiyan Lusitano

One could simply add him to the ignore list but would that stop him from posting hostile comments? No. Needless to say I and others have reported him so hopefully something's done about him.

your momma is a animal,
youre just a racist turd, and you should be raped and murdered.
if you were around me when i read that, id do it myself.
thank you, have a nice day

what u need to do when u read this is to turn off your internet,
then go and buy a gun, if you dont already have one. if you do, even better.
now, load that gun, point it at your head, and blow your brains out. if you do
indeed posess any.

im begging you. save the world from your sheer stupidity

youre a scumbag and you should get murdered, painfuly if possible

do stfu fgot
are you a racist

im talking about dumb fcks like you

just say racist please. easier to bear then this idiocy.

oh do stf you whining racist fags

put that 1 of 10 in your ass, please.

fck the dumb haters

op is a closet homosexual

And the list goes on and on. This type of behaviour should not be on IMDb or any other civilised forums.

Saiyan Lusitano

Idiots on IMDB forums? For your next trick I imagine you will visit youtube music videos for composition advice, 4chan to experience those with a more progressive mindset and join the KKK to get an accurate view on black people.
I use IMDb and for the most part there's civilised conversations but this "guy" just wrecks it all.

Saiyan Lusitano

You and I have had vastly different experiences of the imdb comments/forums section it seems. Granted I usually view it as good comedy.

Trying to discuss a topic on the Arrow or The Flash boards of IMDb is practically impossible since they care more about who Arrow/Queen or Barry/Flash dates than something that actually matters. Albeit, both are The CW shows so it's no surprise that the audience only thinks of this teen-drama crap. :(

Other boards are perfectly fine, though.


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
I usually visit them for various TV shows, any of the ultra violent films I see and if I see a film cross release lists/review sites and it has a religious overtone (or is overtly religious) you can bet I am there with popcorn in hand. In all cases I see idiots and the say nothing to anyone lest you offend them set. In most cases I have a little giggle at their antics, maybe share it with here/irc/friends if it is really good, and carry on with my day.

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