Imagine if someone pulled an "Edward Snowden" on 3DS and Wii hacking

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by Link5084, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. Link5084

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    Look at the possibility of an ex video game developer from Japan who previously worked at Nintendo leaked information to a flashcart team in order for them to exploit the firmware and support them in making 3DS/Wii U hacking. I mean, what are the chances that something like that can happen?
  2. Rydian

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    Considering people seem to like having a job, I'd say pretty small.
  3. Gahars

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    Mostly offtopic, but I have to say, I'll be sorely disappointed if he finds asylum in a tropical nation. I was really hoping he'd stay put in Russia so I could call him "Edward Snowed-in".

    Is there no justice left in the world?
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  4. jargus

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    Not likely since that kind of information is locked behind all kinds of security and NDAs. The day after taht info drops the guy would have billions in lawsuits up his ass. The NSA had such laughable protections that Snowden could have been safe had he said nothing to anybody.
  5. 2ndApex

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    Jul 12, 2012
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    There's a difference between leaking information about mass limitless 24/7 surveillanceof American citizens and the source code/specifics of the latest Nintendo console. I get what you're saying but it's not comparable, and nobody's going to do it.
  6. Taleweaver

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    To be fair, OP did say "ex video game developer". But yeah...chances are pretty slim. Not only are there at best a couple dozens of people who will have the knowledge to completely built such things on a retail system, I doubt that those who could pull that off on a 3DS would be the same team that could do it on a wiiu (different departments, y'know?).

    Still, that isn't the real reason it'll be a snowball chance. And neither is the risk of getting caught and being fired and/or rejected from pretty much ANY OTHER JOB said snitch would be to ever want. No...the real "no way, José" reason is that you don't learn that sort of shit overnight. You're talking about (ex-) employees who have spent multiple years in the company. Who have colleagues, friends or even relatives still within the company. And most likely an ideology (create games for people to enjoy!) that sticks with them even after leaving the company*. (the OP) think that anyone would want to harm or even potentially destroy everything those other people still work for on a daily basis? And everything he has also ever worked for during that time he was there?
    No. I think not. The only reason Snowden did what he did was because the people had a right to know the NSA was spying on them (which is completely correct and justifiable). Healing company secrets so a bunch of ungrateful pirates can hack some stuff, it creeps me out that I even have to MENTION it. You DO know what "morale" means, right? :unsure:

    *okay, a huge-ass argument with your boss could kind of diminish that...but AFAIK, only a very small percentage of former employees actually hold a big grudge against their former employee. And I SERIOUSLY doubt nintendo is treating their top technology departments like shit
  7. Aurora Wright

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    All they have is the SDK. Information about the "system core" and security of the console is probably only known by a dedicated team which develops the firmware. Signing keys are probably known by even less people, I'd say 7-8 at max, and no more than that.
    On the other hand, the NSA has lots of employees with knowledge about what happens there, so a leak was way more possible.
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  8. Rydian

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    As far as the job goes, people tend to not hire those that have been shown to leak info before.

    It's half the reason protection for whistle-blowers exists (semi-related).
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    I smell impatience lol.
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  10. PityOnU

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    Jul 5, 2012
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    Considering the fact the CEO Iwata fights very hard to keep his employees happy and employed, I'd say very low.
  11. Ron

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    Dec 10, 2009
    I bet even Iwata doesn't have the full details. He's a (ex?) programmer/businessman, not a hardware developer. He probably doesn't even have the RSA keys for the 3DS. Sure he could have them if he asks, but why would he even bother? They're no use to him. If he has some free time and wants to code some random stuff for it, he can just get an SDK to play around with.
  12. PityOnU

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    Jul 5, 2012
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    Well... okay. Don't really see how that applies to what I said, but you're probably correct.
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  13. Qtis

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    While true, Snowden had a job and got quite good money out of it ($200k a year IIRC). He didn't mind.

    But alas, I don't really believe it'll happen. The best thing would be to get the keys somehow, but that'll never happen.
  14. _V1qY

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    May 31, 2012
    Maybe Nintendo leaves the keys under the mat.:unsure:
  15. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    There is quite a difference between giving up your job for the sake of what you feel to be true justice versus giving up your job for the sake of some kids getting to play illegal content on their game consoles though. If you feel your nation is only going to suffer by the information being kept secret, perhaps money isn't the most important thing to consider.
  16. Clydefrosch

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    they would sue him. he would never get a job in this direction ever again.

    hacking scenes really dont make the kind of money to try and go that route.

    whatever exploit, it would be fixed.

    he probably expected to become some kind of national hero at some point.