Image Viewer v1.0

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    Image Viewer v1.0
    Reaches 1.0 milestone!
    Infantile Paralysiser has reached the v1.0 milestone on his popular image viewing application - Image Viewer! Some major improvements on this version include: more efficient memory usage, ability to use EZ 3in1 pak as cache, speeding up of viewing and removal of large size limitation. Read more in the spoiler box below.[title:Image Viewer v1.0]Version 1.0 2007/10/17

    Improved to use the memory more efficiently.
    The simple disk check and the ARM9 memory check were added to boot-up.
    PSRAM of 'EZ 3in1 Expansion Pack' can be used as an caching memory.
    The IPK file that exceeds 8 files can be treated.
    The view mode was sped up.
    The DLDI driver was updated.
    A small bug that existed in img2ipk.exe was corrected.
    'Large size limitation' of img2ipk.ini was removed.
    The starting position and the end position of the slide show are resumed.
    The customjpeg mode of the IPK format has been improved. Please encode again with img2ipk.exe.
    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Home page
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    yeah! 3 cheers for pr0n on the go!
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    I've been using Moonshell but I'm sure this will blow that out of the water. And Nifty that it works with the EZ 3-1 now. Nice 'brew.
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    Apr 7, 2007
    whoa this is pretty good to read manga
    thanks a lot
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    Mar 8, 2006
    Can this be used to view JPG files directly or does it need conversion?
  6. DanTheManMS

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    I believe it needs conversion first. Moonshell by itself can handle straight image files though.
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    Only reason for this program. [​IMG]

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    Feb 11, 2006
    anyone here using Supercard Lite experiencing problems with this version?

    I can load the thumbnails just fine, but when I open the thumbnails, I get a white screen, and my DS hangs there. I've already updated my firmware to 1.84v (as seen on frontpage), and used the img2ipk program of Imageviewer 1.0 to compile the pictures.

    Previous versions worked just fine (last version used: 0.7), though.

    Any idea what's going on?