I'm watchibng the MS conference, and...

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    I gotta say... those devlopers for the games are not holding back. See those graphics? Of course graphics aren't the most important part of the game, but, at they are still important. I just gotta say that watching this press conference, and seeing the gameplay videos, I know , that developers for the Wii are slacking off like crazy. I knew they were slacking off before, but now... it's clear that they are even more than I thought before. Sure, the Wii is not even close to the 360 in terms of graphics, but c'mon!!! Give me something that looks better than a first party game from LAST GEN!

    I have seen games on the Gamecube, and the graphics weren't bad. But why the hell are the Wii graphics not as good as the GC graphics, or better? WTF?! It pisses me off knowing that these devs see the Wii as a quick way to earn some $.

    The Wii is supposed to be 1.5x better than the GC, no? I mean, at most, 2.5x, but I don't see it!!! It seems more like GC .7 + Motion Controlls. I mean, c'mon!! Stop giving us games that look like PS2 games, or better yet, stop giving us PS2 games entirely (I'm looking at you Take-Two and EA...).

    Is it that hard to give consumers what they want? Better graphics, or better yet, so f***ing effort?! These devs are getting payed millions, they have ALL of the necessary equipment, but I still don't see any improvement from last gen. IS IT THAT F***ING HARD?!
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    You're funny because, I'm not digging it up but a newspost on some site earlier proved how the Wii is actually about 4 times more powerful then the GC, much more powerful then the Xbox 1, and can use 16 of some...thing that allows for anti-aliasing, particle effects, and bloom that can near the PS3/360 in terms of graphics. Noones using it though...

    EDIT: Here I dug it up.
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    Weeeell, first they have to milk the controller for all it's worth, with games with crappy graphics but "inventive new" control schemes. Then they'll focus on the graphics. The X360 doesn't have any exciting new control options to focus on, so the devs turned to improved graphics from the start.

    Oh, and:

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    Jeebus god Mr Bach is a colossal douchebag. Proves to show the two bigger fish (financially and spec wise) in the pond could give a shit about focusing on games with stupid comments in that article all over the place. Calls the Wii an underpowered useless machine only good for the control and lacks severely because it won't run DVD movies. Funny...thought Nintendo was a game making company, not a movie whoring outlet (outside of pokemon stuff.) Then numbnuts comes up saying that 3rd parties will make no cash on the system, mindless shit about margins, and then comes up with being less powered than a damn xbox which is a blatant lie.

    Marketing spin is one thing, but running scared and tossing out baseless lies is just cowardly stupid. That article itself puts that prick in his place quite nicely though.

    I suppose what really summed it up was this nice piece at the end placing the contents of the whole piece into a nutshell: "Almost all the shader effects on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 can be reproduced on the Wii by re-implementing them with the fixed function hardware of the Wii's GPU. Most games just port the effect over. A few teams have gone as far as making a shader-to-Wii conversion tool. It reads the shader code and generates the fixed function code necessary to achieve the same result. Keep in mind that the Wii's GPU is not as fast or feature rich as the Xbox 360 or PS3, but that doesn't mean you can't get very close results."

    To me this kind of really nutshells the entire problem with the console industry over this and the last gen, a multimedia spec pushing pissing contest. People forgot in a gaming console you're supposed to focus on games, ones with a decent look, decent audio, good gameplay, and hopefully some original titles and IPs to keep people interested. PS2 got those last round just due to the mass level of games going to it, the other guys...not so much. This time around, if not for Wii would be grotesquely uglier with the HDTV mess, 400-600 dollar price tags, needing $600 to multi-thousand dollar tv/stereo setups to enjoy the things properly and in the case of PS3 being saddled with added costs of a movie player you may not even want or in theory could bomb in the disc wars going on now. Just too shady to me which is why I went Wii, sick of 'more of the same' bs. Yah I do pick up a few of the same such as COD3 and MOH but they actually FINALLY play as good if not better than on the PC thanks to that control so they are enjoyable.