Discussion I'm having trouble running NS-Atmosphere Programmer in Windows 7 x64

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    Dec 29, 2013
    So, I just received my very first copy of NS-Atmonsphere Payload Loader for the Switch. Having known that the dongle's payload is not set for either ReiNX or Hekate by default, I knew that it would take a different payload for it to work with the Switch from the boot up given my device's setting (it runs on ReiNX via Hekate).

    Now, I had visited NS-Atmosphere's website which led to a "tutorial" which teaches how to overwrite the dongle's default running payload. This implied the need to install the payload injector device's driver as well as installing the so-called NS-Atmossphere Programmer.

    I had installed both and was able to run NS-Atmosphere Programmer the first time but came across the error when choosing the port which points to the dongle. Intuitively, I closed the app as I would any other app that forced an error. Since then, the app no longer work on me even after a few attempts at uninstalling and reinstalling, the same with the dongle's driver.

    I know that this kind of issue is most apparent with Windows 8/10 due to both OSes "driver enforcement signature" setting. But I am on Windows 7 x64.

    Is this a kind of registry issue with the app?

    If not, any thought on how to fix this problem?
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