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Aug 12, 2007
Hi, I softmodded my Wii a while ago when the USB loader came out, but my Wii was 3.4 back then. Since, I've been having a lot more fun with my wii but alot of the WADs and homebrew I wanted to play didn't seem to work at all so I figured, maybe it was my Wii version and decided to downgrade it to 3.2 since I've been hearing it was the best version for homebrew.

Since my Wii wasn't connected to the internet, I had to settle for an offline downgrade using a step by step guide. I found such guide and the files needed, and started downgrading.

Now, my Wii is version 3.2 but I've been running in alot of problems I didn't have before. First of all, if I have cIOS 1042 installed, my USB loader v1.5 works but if I take too much time choosing which game to play it'll crash in a DSI Exception screen with 3 lines of Code Dump at the bottom. I don't only get this error with the USB loader too, most of the time when I try installing WADs, it'll crash midway through right in one of these screens.

I've found a way to get around the DSI Exception by installing the cIOS_Fix.WAD file, but when I do my USB Loader stops working until I reinstall cIOS 1042, which then makes the DSI Exception errors reappear.

Kinda annoying having the go back and forth everytime... Is there any way to fix this? I've found several topics about DSI Exception errors, but they were all about using modchips and I couldn't find anything about it with softmods :/

Can anyone help?
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