I'm having more fun with my ps4 than with my gaming pc

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    Not long ago I have purchased a ps4 just to play a bunch of exclusives and I ended up LOVING the thing.

    Here's what I love:

    - achievements actually make sense (unlike steam's that can be easily hacked and some are just stupid like the preorder ones)
    - I haven't met a cheater anywhere
    - no entitled kids bragging about how everyone else is an idiot because they all bought games instead of downloading them
    - 0 technical issues with any game I got so far
    - no ps4 games I cannot run "just because"
    - youtube cast is the greatest thing ever
    - no cancerous community

    And, most importantly, when I want to play a game I just select it and play. No bullshit. Out of the ~150 games I have on steam I cannot play ~40, and not due to its specs.

    The only thing I dislike are the prices, I'm not used to spend more than 45Eur per game and it looks like many of them almost double that price. Thankfully I have ps+ that gives me enough free crap to make everything even again.

    I still play PC for games that aren't on consoles but from now on I will mainly play on my ps4.

    Anybody else had the same experience?

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    I really only play Destiny on the thing so... Yes?

    As for the Indies and other exclusives, they usually come up on Vita too, so I just play them there.
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    Not really. PC is free and I can mod games no problem. To be fair I only play Fallout and The Elder Scrolls (Plus CS:GO duhhh). So yeah in the end consoles win for me (PS3/PS4/Wii/Wii U/3DS).
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    I am a little bit miffed that sony is not allowing mods. I almost got an xbone. should have.
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    Off topic I want to keep the subject to this thread.
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