I'm about to buy a 360 with RRoD

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by Wabsta, Sep 20, 2010.

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    I can get it very cheap, for just 20euro's.
    So, I've done some research, and I saw that it is pretty possible to fix this yourself. Seen the kit to repair it for just 8euro's, so that will mean 28euro's for an xbox 360.

    Anyway, my question, is it as easy as the internet states it? Fixing the RRoD yourself..

    Aaaand, it's without the HDD. Is it possible to use any Sata HDD in the 360? Cause I have some 120gb sata disks lying around so...
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    if you can jtag it you can use any hdd, but you can always use a flash drive.
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    Unless those drives are WD laptop drives (and then certain models of those- see "HDDhackr") you will not be able to use them on a stock 360.

    As for fixing those kits are probably one of two things
    Penny fix kits- you put a stack of three pennies (never tried it with Euro coins mind) covered in tape to the ram chips which lifts the board, rebalances it and often fixes issues like that.

    xclamp replacement kits- the x clamps of the 360 are less than brilliant and by replacing them you can pull the chips down harder and stop/fix some of the fractures that cause the chips to not make adequate connections.

    If you want more technical terms http://gbatemp.net/t142131-xbox-gave-rrod-...t&p=1843636 should sort you.
    If you want a breakdown of the methods used to fix it http://gbatemp.net/t193168-considering-a-3...t&p=2427152 will probably do for you.

    Both are relatively easy as long as you can use a screwdriver without stabbing yourself, they are not always that effective though (especially if you score one from your chosen online tat marketplace- many people are aware of the cheap fix option and so many of the RRoD ones that make it onto those will be those that failed the simple repair).
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    While many RROD's work again after being fixed, i've noticed from posts on forums that they tend to RROD again after another 6 months.

    Still, 20 Euro's is cheap.
  5. Wabsta

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    ah, thank you FAST [​IMG]
    I'm gonna try that xclamp method/fix on it, and if that doesnt work.. ah well, it's just 20 euro's and it has a controller included [​IMG]