Ignored By Nintendo, Brazilian Fans Film Their Own Nintendo Direct

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    If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself.

    As USGamer reports, a group of Brazilian Nintendo fans, fed up with the way the company has withdrawn from the market (which has left them paying big import prices for games and hardware), decided to team up and record their own Nintendo Direct.

    Led by the hard work of Rodrigo Coelho (who actually lives in Tokyo), the Direct showcases the work of Brazilian studios (or “developers with Brazilian backgrounds”), and puts them all in a very Nintendo Direct-style video, only with Coelho doing the presenting.

    The hope is that by showing how much local fans care about Nintendo games, and how good so many Brazilian games are, they can convince the company to return to the market, from which they’ve been absent since 2015.

    You can read more about Coelho’s hard work over in USGamer’s story.

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    I'm sure Nintendo would come back, if the shitty corrupt Brazilian government didn't charge them an arm and a leg to sell Switches.
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    Every time I've spoken or seen a Brazilian talk about games, I feel bad.

    "It costs 900 in Brazil for *Insert any console ever made*".
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    does brazil have ANY trademark laws (not copyright ik that ethier barely on non existant (lucky) cause if they do thos fans would be in for legal pain the only way around it will be to change the programs name then again i see it's on youtube good luck keeping the channel alive
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  5. MUDD_BR

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    The dude made it in japan.
    And Nintendo will not forgive us for the wiiu hack...
  6. ghjfdtg

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    Copyright strike in 3, 2, 1...
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