If you're still looking for a GBM...

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    Aug 6, 2007
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    I got a GBM a while back, and after banging around in my pocket for months, the shoulder button started to give out. I've got a repair order into NOA, but figured I'd get another GBM to take care of (not in my pocket with keys) and use while it was out.

    Then I came across a problem a lot of people have been having, namely that nobody seems to have stock any more.

    Solution? ASK A STORE REP wherever you go. Gamestop near me had plenty of units ($40 for a new black body/silver faceplate unit with two extra faceplates) but had NONE on display, and never advertised them. They actually seemed happy to have a buyer for one.

    It's a basic tip, yeah, but beats paying more online. Don't get discouraged because it's discontinued, and don't leave the store just because there are none out in the open.

    Now if only I could find another G6 lite on the cheap...