If you're on 5.4u hit me up on PM if you need help

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    Unfortunately I spend way too much time reading through every post on here. I've pretty much figured out how to do everything that is currently possible on a 5.4u Wii U. I'd be glad to help anybody who is struggling. Send me a PM and in between work and kids I'll do my best to help you.

    Please don't flame each other on here. Yes there are stickies, yes there are great threads with the info that you need. I just found after months of reading that it can be confusing to those just getting started. I just want to help.

    For the record, I claim no credit for any of the help I give. Every single step has been created, tested and vetted by qualified developers. There is a great deal of awesome homebrew for the Wii U and me and my family enjoy every bit of it. I want others to be able to see how rockin the Wii U scene is right now.
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