If you're having issues with your external USB 3.5 HD enclosure ch

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by HaTaX, Apr 15, 2009.

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    I am using an old 120GB maxtor hard drive in a Thermaltake enclosure. It supports SATA and IDE drives, and SATA drives can use the eSATA port while IDE is stuck with USB only. The maxtor drive is IDE so this works out perfectly and I've got a decent sized drive to hold my commonly played games, about 60 of them!

    When I went to use it I encountered a number of random things, if I let the controller shut off from not being used it would freeze the game up. Randomly during some games the system would freeze, sometimes at 2 minutes, sometimes at 25, but always before 30 minutes of game play.

    I tried changing all of the jumper settings on the HD just to see if any made a difference and I did find ONE setting that has allowed it to work flawlessly. When I set the drive to cable select mode (Instead of setting master or slave exclusively) it works without a hitch no matter what I do. I've just left the drive on while I've restarted and power cycled my wii and it continues to work perfectly with the two usb loaders I'm currently using. (Waninkoko's 1.4 & Ultimate v7.0beta) No crashes or freezes yet!!

    Just wanted to post this here for others that are having trouble with their external HD locking up or freezing during play, please try setting your drive to cable select mode and report here if it helped with your stability!
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    seems to solve some problems, good

    BUT: I wish i could switch the jumper at my 2,5" IDE drive [​IMG]

    because i´ve got nearly the same probs like you