If you play roms beware

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    The ROM Police raided my house and found all my USB gamepads and console-to-USB adapters. They grilled me for hours about my knowledge of 5th-gen and earlier consoles. I resisted for a while but finally cracked when they said that SNES Shadowrun was a simple port of the Mega Drive Shadowrun and it all came rushing out of me, like that Seinfeld episode where Jerry denies watching soap operas. The judge sentenced me to hard labour and I had to finish every Tiger Game.Com came three times on genuine hardware before I was released. It hasn't been easy getting my life back together. I'm a Registered SNES Offender so I'm not allowed within 100 feet of a frontend or fullset. My parole officer does regular checks to make sure I'm logging into Xbox Live and increasing my Gamerscore. On the plus side, I do charity work speaking at high schools so kids know about the dangers of emulation and don't end up like me.

    Winners don't use ROMs.
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    I need to steal this and then repost it as my own copy & paste
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