if you have a9lh, is there anything to warrant using the homebrew menu?

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  1. omegazeroINFI

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    Aug 17, 2015
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    after reading a few threads, it occurred to me that aside from the playcoin setter, i dont have anything that needs the homebrew menu anymore. are there any other worthwhile tools that need it still that dont have a better alternative cia?
  2. TheMachinumps

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    Oct 31, 2016
    You can actually replace the playcoin setter with JKSM, as there exists an extras menu that allows you to have any amount of play coins. Another way would be to use FBI, but it's too complex. Homebrew is pretty much useless to use after installing CFW
  3. Petraplexity

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    There are a few old .3dsx-only homebrews, but other than that, I can't think of a reason.
    BTW, there is a play coin setter .cia. I'll PM you the link.
  4. duffmmann

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    I'm just on the cusp of the 300 title limit on my 3DS, so any homebrew games and apps that I don't use too often, instead of making a separate title for it specifically, I just keep it as a homebrew app. All the emulators I regularly use though do get their own title and aren't in my apps folder. So I personally have warrant for the homebrew menu, but everyone's situation is definitely different.
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  5. Joom

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    I keep it for the off chance that I need to use a 'sploit installer. Other than that, I really have no use for it.
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    I use to use the ftp from homebrew to transfer files back and forth, and the custom themes/badges stuff, because I haven't gotten around to installing any of the newer stuff.

    RHOPKINS13 Geek

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    This! I got the original 3DS back when it first came out, before the eShop was even functional. At first games were added to the eShop very slowly, and at the time I had a relatively large disposable income (was still living with my parents), and I used to buy every single game that was released, simply because I could.

    Couple that with the free demos and video downloads available, and the free Ambassador games, and it's really not that hard to hit the 300 game limit.
  8. Zekamon

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    Sep 16, 2016
    I use the Homebrew Launcher for tools that I don't want on my Home Menu like FTP, Custom Theme Manager, Playcoin Setter etc.

    The only Homebrews that I have on my Home Menu are tools that can't be used as 3dsx files or good Homebrew games like Super Haxagon.