If you could change any aspect of any Move in Pokemon

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    Probably being lazy.
    Here's the format and rules


    Attack Name:
    Type: Must exist within the game, meaning nothing made up. Also it cannot be ??? type as they have an odd effect of only doing 1-2 damage if hacked onto a move)
    Alignment: Physical/Special/Support
    Base Power: Note-Cannot be reduculously cheap (Eg no 999 Base Power Moves)
    PP: Must be within reason, cannot be like 99 base. Note, you can just list the base amount (eg, no PP Ups applied) if you desire to))
    Accuracy: Must also be within Reason.
    Target: Eg, One Opponent, Both Opponents, Yourself, Yourself+Partner, Everybody, etc.
    Effect: Eg, Normal Damage+Raise Attack, etc (Effect must exist already in the game)
    Likelihood of Effect Occurring: In Percentage (Must be in increments of 10, as I cannot recall any move with a 15, 25, ect% chance of an effect occurring)
    Why (If any reason. Reason is not mandatory)

    If you havent changed a particular aspect about a move, you can list unchanged next to the category

    For me, I'd mainly change the HM's a bit, mostly so that they are actually usable in Battle (Including Competitive Battling), which would make having an HM on a Pokemon normally raised for Competitiveness not so bad as it is right now. I will change a few other moves though, and all of the Power Point amounts I have listed for my changes are the Minimum)

    Type: Fighting
    Alignment: Physical
    Base Power: 80
    Accuracy: 100%
    Additional Effect: May raise attack
    Likelihood of Effect Occurring: 10%
    Why: Ok, when's the last time you saw a Normal type, or any other Type of Pokemon for that matter that could learn Strength (Normal Type) as it's most Powerful Normal-Type move? I personally have found that any Pokemon that can learn Strength can also learn Return or Frustration, both of which have a higher base power than Strength does when Friendship is Maxed out. So why should Strength remain an inferior Normal Type move to Return, it could be given a Fighting type, which would actually benefit alot of Pokemon, and make a normally useless HM move useful.

    Rock Climb
    Type: Ground (I dunno, it just sounded appropriate)
    Alignment: Physical
    Base Power: 90
    Accuracy: 90 (I may keep it at 85%, although that seems a bit low)
    Additional Effect: May Confuse
    Likelihood of effect Occurring: 20%
    Target: One Opponent
    Why: Again, why Rock Climb was given Normal Typing will forever baffle me. It probably should have been given Ground, Rock, or Fighting Typing so that it wasn't absolutely useless. Even though it's not used much in HGSS to my knowledge, it still doesn't mean it needs to be given duty as the "worst HM move to take up a slot". I chose to change it to Ground Typing because a Rock Type HM didn't appeal to me, I had already changed Strength to Fighting Type and it just didn't make sense to have 3 different HM's all sharing the Fighting Type. This would at least make it somewhat usable.

    Type: Bug, or Maybe Steel Type. Leaning more towards Steel Type
    Alignment: Physical
    Effect: May lower opponents defense by 1 level
    Base Power: 70 (Or Maybe I'll leave it at 60 for Technician Users)
    Accuracy: 100%
    PP: 20
    Target: One Opponent
    Why: Let's face it, we have Slash and a ton of other physical Normal-Type Moves, so why do we need to give Normal Typing to another one? Giving Cut steel typing makes way more sense (Because you're cutting down a tree, that normally takes something very sharp thats made of metal). I'm also increasing it's accuracy if just for the heck of it. Alot of Pokemon don't benefit to begin with with Cut because they already learn a better Normal-Type move, so making Cut a Steel type move allows those pokemon to then benefit from a move that it both usable in battle, and out of battle.

    Type: Flying
    Allignment: Support
    Effect: Unchanged
    Base Power: Nonexistant (No Damage)
    Accuracy: Unchanged
    PP: Unchanged
    Target: Unchanged
    Why: Again, Nintendo's uber logic baffles me. Whirlwinds in real life are oh what a shock, wind! Guess what type most accurately represents wind!? Yes, Flying. So why on earth is Whirlwind a Normal Type? I dunno, someone wasn't thinking. This comes at an unfortunate disadvantage to ghost types, who no longer enjoy immunity from this move, but oh well. Flying type just makes more sense.

    Razor Wind
    Type: Flying
    Alignment: Unchanged
    Effect: Unchanged
    Base Power: Unchanged
    Accuracy: Unchanged
    PP: Unchanged
    Target: Unchanged
    Why: Again, lets take an attack based on wind, give it special alignment and a Normal Typing which not only hardly relates to wind, but also hardly any Pokemon Benefits from. Great logic......You know what, Razor Wind would at least benefit a few pokemon if given Flying typing

    Elemental Fangs (Fire Fang, Ice Fang, Thunder Fang)
    Types: Unchanged (Fire, Ice, Electric respectively)
    Effects: Unchanged (Flinch or Burn, Freeze, Paralyze respectively)
    Base Powers: 75 (For all 3, note: same as Elemental Punches)
    Accuracy: 100 (For all 3)
    PP: Unchanged (15)
    Target: Unchanged for all 3 (One Opponent)
    Why: The elemental fangs in their current state are next to useless, 65 base Power and 95% accuracy. Entei cries for a usable Physical Fire type move that isn't called "Flare Blitz from event that is happening soon in Japan Only", and would love even a 75 Base Power, 100% accuracy Fire Fang. Flareon might also become usable to an extent with those conditions. Luxray also becomes "Physically Viable" with three Elemental Fangs at 75 Base Power with 100% Accuracy, benefiting mostly from Thunder Fang under that condition.