Homebrew If we could get native Wii U ports of some emulators, we could make split screen so cool!


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Dec 12, 2017
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So I know we can easily play Wii Homebrew apps on the Wii U and even add the ability to play them with the Wii U pro controllers or even the Gamepad. But there is something cool I've been thinking about a lot for some emulators that isn't possible unless we can get control over what displays on both screens.

See my thought is that for N64, PS1, and even some SNES, Genesis, and any other classic system that offered splitscreen for 2 player games, to stretch the display in such a way, that player 1's half of the screen fills up the TV, and player 2's half of the screen fills up the Gamepad's screen (or vice versa). I know resolution wouldn't be great, but this seems like a really neat way to add some asymmetrical Wii U functionality to old games.

But this is only possible if these emulators ever get native Wii U ports. I don't know if that's even reasonable or not, but if it is, this could be a really cool thing for the Wii U scene I think. And I know we have Retroarch Wii U for some of such systems, but I don't think the devs are too keen to add such specific Wii U features when they're maintaining so many other builds at once.
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