If I used a 2 G micro sd (sandisk REGULAR)

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    Ok so im thinkin of buying a sandisk 2Gb regular... Why because I can buy it at retail cheap and I knw its 100% real. I hate Ebay with all its fakes and so on.... Now because I hate ebay I am only will to buy at retail and this limits me...

    So I was wondering if I bought the sandisk what / how many games could nt it run, also anyone use one???


    I can also buy buy a 1 Gb sandisk ultra 2 at retail but it costs significantly more and a 2 Gb / 1 Gb Kingston cards (BUT they are made in TAIWAN)

    Do you think I would be better off with the any cards instead??... Performance wise would the taiwans cards be better then the above???... I know the utra card is the best but the price / liminted size annoys me

    I could buy a Toshiba micro sd from Ebay but I think its fake and hence dont want to use ebay...

    Finally anyone one know of any Australia retellers / online stores that sell good cards that are REAL??

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    Try Newegg.com. They are great. I've used them to buy stuff for years, very reliable online retailer.

    As for microSD cards, Sandisk are OK, but Kingston and Toshiba are best. Avoid Taiwan cards if you can, Japan made cards perform better.

    The Kingston 2gig microSD at Newegg is a Japan card and is VERY fast.
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    Amen! I ordered mine last night! Dirt cheap I might add, I purchased mi 1 G SanDisk on Ebay for around the same price 6 months ago.