If I never plan to go online, is there any not to install NSPs over XCI?

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    In the chance I decide I want to go online, I would restore my original nand backup and never use SXOS or any other custom firmware. So while I am on custom firmware and do not go online, is there any risk to install NSPs? Restoring the original nand backup will erase any trace of custom installations correct?

    Edit: Topic title should read "if I never plan to go online, is there any reason not to install nsps over xci". I don't know how to edit topic title.
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    .NSP and .XCI files don't make any difference when it comes to online; one you install and the other you mount. .NSP files have slightly faster loading times and are always smaller than .XCI files while .XCI files have the advantage of being mounted from an HDD with SX OS. And when it comes to brick code, it can be planted in either .NSP or .XCI. Both contain the same contents anyway which are just a bunch of .NCA files. The only reason brick code has been implemented into .NSP files is because its the more common file type used by all CFWs.