If I connect online will I need to upgrade once I reset to factory settings?

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    so I bought a damaged switch with a broken screen for a little project, I have swapped it, all works fine and now I want to sell it.
    However the previous owners details are still on there, there are a few games and I would assume there eshop account (however its been a while since I used mine so not sure if passwords are needed to purchase?) can not actually check as not wanting to connect to the internet.
    My main question is its on firmware 6.2.0 so good for hacking as well as being a hackable switch (serial number) but I tried to reset it but it asks to connect to the internet to remove the user data.
    If I do this I assume it is going to want to update the firmware to 8?
    I will not sell as is as do not want to potentially pass on this persons account, so really want to delete/remove.
    Any advice please.