If anyone's interested in a 2.x firmware Wii U (Brand new)[USA]

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    This Ebay seller is selling Super Mario 3D World + Nintendo Land bundle Wii U (Console only)
    For $160 [NTSC]
    Not sure if allowed to post ebay links, so PM me if interested.

    This is useful if you bought a Wii U recently or have one already, and want to sell it to get an exploitable console. Plus it's brand new!

    I've seen Gamepads go for $150, so this combined with the gamepad would cost $300.
    I personally bought the MK8 Bundle for $250 for Cyber Monday.

    I just bought from this seller after messaging him back and forth, and he sold me one with physical copies of Super Mario 3D World. Console itself is brand new unused, never powered on.

    As of writing this message there are 3 more in stock it seems. The seller also has console only Mario Kart 8 bundle (Ask the seller if it's the older one)
    He might also have a Super Mario Bros bundle console only.

    Oh and he also has the accessories for $20 (charger, ac adapter, etc)
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    not that hard to find lol, only took about 10 seconds for me. thanks for the heads up though, not a bad deal.
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