iEDGE finally compatible with DSi 1.4.1

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    Oct 24, 2002
    iEDGE users will finally be able to enjoy their flashcart on an 1.4.1 updated Nintendo DSi console, as the iEDGE team just released a new bootstrap updater for its cart-- bootstrap v3. It comes just a few days after the release of Edge OS 2.0 coincidentally released on the same day as the *ahem* CycloDS 1.60 update.

    Upgrade instructions and bootstrap usage have been detailed by GBAtemp member bitonio6.
    [​IMG] Read the iEDGE bootstrap upgrade instructions on GBAtemp
    [​IMG] The bootstrap can be downloaded from the iEDGE official website
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    the problem with clones is tht they come out at a time when the original cart is very popular but when the pop cart dies, so does it... the cheap price is sometimes really deceiving just like the DSTT and R4 clones (though the r4 clones are lucky to have the R4 back as before)
    great news this is for edge owners... imagine a cart tht cannot run on what it was intended to
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