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    What are some of your ideas for imaginary game shows?
    Mine would be this

    Title: Do You Have Balls of Steel?

    Premise: Five male contestants are chosen randomly and are brought onto a stage. The host then asks a series of questions. The contestants must answer the question as quickly as possible. Example: Q.What is the capital of Thailand? A.Bangkok. The contestant that answers the question correctly, receives 5000$ in cash. The losers however, get kicked in the balls by a mechanical foot. After a set number of questions, the winner is not the one who answered the most questions correctly, but the one who can still stand, even after being kicked in the balls. The one whom does not collapse gets 50,000$

    Rules: After being asked the question, the contestants have one minuet to answer the question. If no one has answered the question within one minuet, everyone is kicked in the balls. If a contestant answers the question incorrectly, the contestant that answers incorrectly gets kicked in the balls twice.

    Lifelines: There are three lifelines in the game (different from the Millionaire ones)
    Quick kick- After answering a question correctly, the contestant may choose to use quick kick, which doubles the money he gets from answering the question, but gives him a kick 2x faster than a normal kick.

    Greedy kick- A contestant may use this whenever he wants. The greedy kick allows him to receive 1,500$ for every kick he chooses to take. (I.E if he chooses four kicks, he gets kicked four times, but gets 6,000)

    Double edge kick- A contestant may again choose to use this when ever he wants. The contestant chooses another contestant, and that contestant gets kicked in the balls however many times the user of the Double edge kick wants. However, after using the Double edge kick, the user get kicked in the balls twice as many times as he chose the other contestant to be kicked.

    An example of getting kicked in the jewels.Youtube

    It's a great show premise don't you think? [​IMG]
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    "Who wants to win a date with ______?"
    3 Contestants answer questions and share personal information to find the perfect match.

    This weeks guessed it:

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    Me, To You
    The Price is Correct
    Roulette of Fortune
    Thrill or no Thrill
    Who Wants to be a Chamillionaire?
    Whose Lime is it Anyway?

    I love the British show Balls of Steel BTW.
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    Whoops didn't know there was already a show called Balls of Steel, funny name for a show though [​IMG]
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    Something needs to be done about JPH11200... It's beyond amusing now... [​IMG]
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    Sounds more like reality tv mixed with a game show, no thanks.
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    Firefox + Adblock Plus = no more Hillary Clinton.