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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by purechaos996, Jan 10, 2010.

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    Well I was just thinking, Since I've been doing alot of WBFS Drive-to-Drive transfers lately I thought to myself why cant this be done on the wii itself? so basically my idea for an app would be a drive-to-drive copier app. as in the wii reads one drive and user selects a game then the wii copies it to the other WBFS drive or just a simple clone tool to just clone an enitre drive.

    Anyway tell me what you guys think and if its possible and someone wants to make it go ahead lol cus I cant.
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    it could be done if the user was using FAT/NTFS. but then they could just drag/drop with a PC. in fact, EVERYTHING is faster when done with a PC. and seeing as how it takes 18+ hours to clone a few hundred WBFS games on my quad core PC, it would be a all-week project for the lowly wii CPU.
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    I don't think your CPU is your bottleneck in these scenarios [​IMG]
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    I did a drive to drive clone of 470ish games approx 700Gigs, started it at 3:00pm and it was finished by the 7:00am next morning when i got up. Now thats only 16 hours and i think it was finished for a while before i got up. Im only on an old Pentium4 too.

    The drives were FAT32 dont know if that makes any difference to the speed..........