id Want DS Monies + Orcs & Elves Wii

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by Hadrian, Nov 15, 2007.

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    - ID is working on a cell phone version of Wolfenstein, and they would like to do a simultaneous cell phone/DS release of the game

    - When asked if ID has looked into Doom for the DS, both Anna and John said it is being looked into. John is not sure a Mature game can be highly successful on the DS, so they are keeping an eye on the market.

    - New IPs are definitely being worked on, but no specific information or platforms were mentioned

    - ID is watching the success of Orcs and Elves on the DS. If it does well enough, they will move into a high-end version of the game for Wii and PSP. John actually states that he would like to do the Wii version as the priority, but a PSP port just makes sense. When it comes to the Wii, they can do a lot of things that are new, and realize some ideas that aren’t possible on other platforms.

    There was also talk of Quake Arena DS being made a few months back. I'm hoping if all this comes about that we'll have new games and not ports, as well we already have good homebrew ports.
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    May 16, 2007
    That all sounds great, exept for the last one. I mean, come on, Orcs and Elves on the Wii?!
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    a bigger version of Orcs and Elves for the Wii? I'm playing the DS version and lovin it.. that might work..

    still I would preffer an ID FPS game for the Wii.. great news on Wolfenstein DS [​IMG]
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    This is John Carmacks (and his wife, Anna Kangs) blog about the technical aspects and their limitations when creating Orcs and Elves for the DS. It's a pretty interesting read for those who aspire or wish to make a game for the system.

    And Quake Arena DS would be fuckin' awesome! [​IMG]