id Software's "Orcs & Elves" To Come To The DS

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    From IGN:
    "Today Electronic Arts announced it will publish a Nintendo DS version of its mobile first-person action game Orcs & Elves. Developed by Fountainhead Software (the mobile version was created by id Software), this is one of the first games that originated on mobile devices and was then ported to a videogame system. The Orcs & Elves mobile game received an 8.4 from IGN Wireless.

    "Orcs & Elves was a perfect fit for the DS," said John Carmack, founder and technical director at id Software. "We were able to take excellent advantage of the 3D hardware and unique user input capabilities, and expand the game to include a lot of wonderful features that we just couldn't fit on the cell phones. Orcs & Elves II is a polished gem of a game for the mobile platforms, opening up new parts of the world to explore, while carrying forward and improving all the elements that were loved about the original game."

    "Orcs & Elves changed a lot of people's perceptions by showing that you could build an easily accessible, story-rich RPG for today's mobile phones," said Travis Boatman, VP of worldwide studios for EA Mobile.

    The DS version of Orcs & Elves will feature better graphics and more content in the form of levels, items, and monsters. Explore a new area, the Dwarven Kingdom, filled with treasures and enemies."

    I really enjoyed this game on the mobile, its basically the best RPG you can get on it and probably the only hardcore one on there and it would be nice to have a RPG of this type on the DS. Lets hope they don't mess it up.
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    id has to know about people porting Wolf3d, Doom, Quake, etc to the DS via homebrew... How great would it be if they actually did a supported version on a cart with easy-to-use Nintendo WFC support?
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    Ooh looks interesting, had no idea what it was before so I googled up some information and it does look pretty neat.
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    i'm here....silly.
    [​IMG] i've got this for the mobile and i've never even played it, i'm such a horder. [​IMG]
    i might have to find my mobile and have a go. [​IMG]