I'd like opinions of users here who watched Firefly

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    Did you like it or hate it? Do you wish it wouldn't have been cancelled? Also, does it feel outdated to you or not?

    Firefly is on Netflix but the first time I watched I exited the first episode by mere 30mins and was told I had to watch the entire episode to get it as well as continue watching a couple more to dive in to one of the best sci fi series ever. I will.. not sure when.
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    My grandad had the DVD with the unaired stuff and the film that capped it all off. I had not really encountered it before and have not felt the need to watch it since. I believe I watched it in the intended order but it might have been the aired one.

    With the film it all worked for me and capped the story off nicely. Did not outstay its welcome and did not devolve into oddness/one upmanship with the previous baddies like most longer form sci fi (see Stargate for a great example, doubly so if you include the shows set in its universe). Even without the film I was OK with how it was left. In the list of shows they could bring back and/or cap off with a film (or cap off with a better film) it rates very low on the list.

    As of a few years ago I reckon it is not really necessary to have seen star wars to roll in these sorts of circles, probably would still suggest you have seen firefly though.