Iberian Spanish films are amazing.

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    Oct 29, 2015
    For the last couple of days I watched a good amount of Spanish films and they were completely different from the likes of a Hollywood flick. A great example is Techo y Comida (Food and Shelter), this film left me serious, worried and thinking the whole time while watching it because of how realistic it was.

    Techo y Comida was about a single mother who couldn't find a job and while she tried, things just didn't work out and for some reason she always refused (or going by the story) to ask her parents for financial assistance.

    Some other films I really enjoyed were: El Bosque Animado, Truman and now, while this isn't a film I have been having a blast -- La Que Se Avecina (same cast from AquĆ­ No Hay Quien Viva but better).

    No Tengo Miedo (English title: I'm Not Scared / Original Italian: Io Non Ho Paura) while it's actually an Italian film, I watched it dubbed in Spanish and didn't realise that it was dubbed until I looked it up right now (not that it matters too much, I thought it was the authentic language because it was synced perfectly, imo).

    If anyone has any recommendations please feel free to post them. :)
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    Y'know, maybe these films might've been helpful when I was taking high school Spanish. Maybe I could've gotten something above a B.
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