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    I'm taking a break again from gbatemp. This time, It'll be for more than just a week. :sad:

    I just feel the need to REALLY focus my grip on work more, because my social side has been a bit of a fork in the road, recently. The fact that I still haven't contributed much work to the Temp is worrying myself a bit, too.

    I was gonna request suspension again, but It's better to just try to refrain from clicking the login button in future. (or, even better, not visit the site at all! :))

    I'm not gonna waffle on, but I just wanted to make a quick heads up that I really will be leaving for an unknown time. :)

    Best wishes for a >9.2 keksploit in that time,

    -Voxel Studios. goodbye_present.gif
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    Jan 27, 2015
    United States
    I cant tell if these threads are real anymore D:
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