I was in the process of pre-setup of arm9hax

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    I am getting this message on emunand


    I only get this message on emunand,I can use the internetbrowser on sysnand. What are my options? I would rather be able to maybe uninstall something on emunand to get rid of the nag,but my problems are as follows.

    -If I clone my sysnand to emunand my sys/emunand will be linked again and I would struggle finding out what folders to delete from the Nintendo 3DS folder at the root of my sd card after I finish the procedure

    -What option do I have to get rid of the nag? I use tubednshax on both and sysnand has no nag,I know I can clone sysnand to solve this but i would rather not

    -Once I install a9lh i will forever use sysnand so I do not mind losing my saves/installed games

    My main concern here is the mess it could make out of the folders that are already there.
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