I want to make a rescue set for people without Wireless

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Shinigami Kiba, Feb 2, 2009.

  1. Shinigami Kiba

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    I'm not requesting IOS wads here, but I'd appreciate it if someone could at least give me all the exact filenames of all the required IOS's including the 3.2E and 3.2U System Menu and other system files.
    Some of us don't have wireless and I have to install IOS's through the WAD Manager and I'm sure many others do so too.

    So I need the exact filenames of the wads for all the important IOS's like IOS36 rev07, IOS38, IOS37, the 3.2 E and U system menu and whatever else is mandatory when hacking or restoring a bricked Wii with no wireless.

    edit: I do have IOS36 r7 and IOS38 wads but they're on my Windows machine and I won't be going to my grandparents where that computer is in a couple days and don't have any of that stuff on my SD Card anymore.
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    I found a guide on the thepiratebay.org
    here it is...

    1. Download Semi-bricks Repair Disc by “Team twiizer” caused by an upgrade of a foreign game.
    Download the Disc image corresponding to your console region:


    2. With "WIIScrubber" or the "Trucha signer” Open downloaded ISO and extract the two files
    IOS30-64-v140.wad and SystemMenu-v289.wad

    3. Copy the files to "wad" folder in the root of your SD memory card.

    4. Insert the card SD in the console and run "Homebrew Channel" then “Wad Manager 0.3"

    5. When starting up the Wad Manager it will be necessary to accept the use terms then to select
    the source that wants to use for install the wads, Select SD Memory then accept.

    6. Now it is very important to Install IOS30-64-v140.wad first,
    Then Install SystemMenu-v289.wad
    (BY ORDER if not you can brick your console.)

    7. Restart the console by pressing Menu from Wii controller at Wad Manager.
    Done go to your Wii configuration tap then system menu, you will see 3.2
    With this you can open modified games, as those that signed by the "TRUCHA SIGNER"

    (Optional) you also can downgrade the IOS OFFLINE by installing by Order (with the previous
    method) the following IOS:
    IOS15 v257
    IOS21 v514
    IOS31 v1040

  3. KiiWii

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    (Optional) you also can downgrade the IOS OFFLINE by installing by Order (with the previous
    method) the following IOS:
    IOS15 v257
    IOS21 v514
    IOS31 v1040

    Question: are these correct for 3.2e downgrading as well as 3.2u?

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