I want a Metroid Virtual Reality

Discussion in 'General Off-Topic Chat' started by Cyan, Sep 27, 2007.

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    I recently watched the anime Dennou coil, where there are special glasses to see informatics holograms on top of the real world.

    Then thinking how it could be recreated with real glasses+projector and Wifi access point.
    for example, an advertisement spot in the street could emit data with wi-fi or bluetooth, then when the wearer is in range it appears on the glasses and can be seen in a planar 2D mesh (like trees in some games). For 3D it would need a GPS mounted in the glasses.

    It could shows useful informations, for example show a street map where you can see if there are free parking place more forward on the street, so you don't have to park at the beginning of the street and walk all the way if you can drive a little further and stop right where you would like to go.

    I think it could be done quite easily. I would be glad to copyright it (but I'm pretty sure it's already done by some big companies).

    Then I was remembering an old project from Australian university student that were working on an Augmented Reality system based on Quake.

    It exist since 1998, and they made some progress in equipment needed, visuals and movements.
    there are video so you can watch how it looks like.

    And finally, seeing how the quake element were floating on the parking ground, basketball ground, it seems quite surreal. I thought it could be great to construct a real world like a Metroid one, making real environment, ground, door, landscape etc.
    For example, real doors than can interact and be opened only while you use a Super Missile on it.
    Only the enemies and special effect would be projected on the glasses, all the environment could be real.

    I'm like dreaming now, but I think the actual technologies is good enough.
    With Money, all can be done [​IMG]
    (I lack money [​IMG] )

    If anyone will copyright something from those ideas, please remember I was there [​IMG]
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