I tried to use DDD but I don't know where my dump is.

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    EDIT: NEVERMIND. I found it

    Hey, I have a slight of a problem... I tried to dump Super Smash Bros 4 in order to use Sm4shExplorer, it seems that WITHOUT it, I can't do anything. It just keeps bugging me about the "content" folder with the damn ut00, ut01, ut02 etc. So I tried to dump the game but.... I don't know where got located... my PC has almost full storage so it means that it is there.
    What's the default path?

    I just want DLC characters so I have the workspace from somebody mod pack and I did overwrite that ui_character.bin file to DLC enabled.
    But it seems that I need to merge something with the Sm4shExplorer, ugh

    EDIT: Nevermind. I found it
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